Bullet Proof Corners plugin for jQuery using Canvas/VML
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Bullet Proof Corners plugin for jQuery using Canvas/VML

    * Bugs and especially fixes are most welcome!
    * Contact : Jonah Fox (jonah@parkerfox.co.uk)



options is a hash with the following parameters. Bracketed is the default

    * radius (10)
    * borderWidth (read from BorderTopWidth or 0)
    * background ("white"). Note that this is not calculated from the HTML as it is expensive
    * borderColor (read from BorderTopColor)
    * corners ("tl br tr bl"). Specify which borders to draw
    * fixIE (true). Attempt to fix odd(2n+1) dimensions in IE

Why should you care?

    * Antialiased
    * Fast - this pages renders in 200ms on my Vaio in Firefox and there's quite a few corners!!
    * Support for any size radius and border width with minimal performance increase
    * No excanvas
    * Current layout is maintained
    * Works with many tested positions/display/floats (current limitation with inline)
    * Supports fluid layouts.
    * Original div still shows through, so can easily do hover effects
    * Script is only 4.0k uncompressed
    * Requires jQuery 1.2.6+
    * Tested on :
          o IE6 XP/Vista
          o IE7 XP/Vista
          o Firefox 2 Ubuntu/Windows
          o Safari 3 Windows/Mac
          o Opera 9 Windows/Linux
          o Chrome

          o Problem with some Inline elements in IE - due to incorrect reporting of width
          o Update - the script now tries to fix this via the fixIE option