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Note if you are viewing this in plain text - please ignore the <pre> tags around the code snippets
* Add the following to your layouts
<% if session[:snips] != nil %>
<%= stylesheet_link_tag '/snips/stylesheets/snips' %>
<%= javascript_include_tag '/snips/javascripts/jquery', '/snips/javascripts/form' ,'/snips/javascripts/snips' %>
<% end %>
* run a migration with following:
create_table "snips", :force => true do |t|
t.string "path"
t.text "raw_text"
t.datetime "created_at"
t.datetime "updated_at"
t.string "layout"
t.string "render_type", :limit => 50
* Start your server
* Go to /snips
* If you've set up authentication, you will be asked for your credentials
* Once logged in you can add/edit snips
* You can also edit the site inline once logged in - just click on the <div class="snip_edit" style="display: inline; position: relative">edit ✂ </div>
* To protect the snips admin add the following to environment.rb:
::Snips.protect _username_, _password_
Wiring up the root directory
* Add the following to your routes (above the map.snips)
map.root :controller => "snips", :action => "render_snip", :path => "my-index-page"
Render types
Snips supports the following
* Plain text/HTML
* Markdown/Textile via Redcloth3
Be aware that ERB and HAML can run arbitrary ruby.
This can be very useful, but also be aware of the security implications.
Referencing other snips
You can reference other snips inside snips using the notation
* Be careful of cyclic references which will be fatal!
Rendering a snip in your own code
You can simply do <pre>@snip.render_text</pre>