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# Ryan Weetabix Parkyn 2013
# Free to use with attribution.
import requests
import re
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
lstfile = open('C:/dir/to/where/you/want/files/', 'w') # Location of where to write data
def main():
headers = {'Accept': 'application/*+xml;version=1.5', 'Host': 'my fqdn'}
params = {'pageSize': '150', 'type': 'vApp', 'format': 'idrecords'}
auth = ('username@vdc', 'password')
proxies = {"https": "https://proxyURL:80/"} #remove proxies=proxies if no proxy
s = requests.Session()
r ='', proxies=proxies, headers=headers, \
verify=True, auth=auth)
s.headers.update({'x-vcloud-authorization': r.headers['x-vcloud-authorization']})
t = s.get('', proxies=proxies, headers=headers, \
verify=True, params=params)
for line in t.iter_lines():
if line:
def parse(text=""):
soup = BeautifulSoup(text, "xml")
tags = soup.find_all('VAppRecord')
for tag in tags:
toprint = []
for attr in ['name', 'networkName', 'id', 'taskStatusName', 'memoryAllocationMB']:
if attr in tag.attrs:
toprint.append((attr, tag[attr]))
nsname = re.sub(" ", "_", toprint[0][1]) #remove spaces from names