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An on-line basic bytecode compiler/decompiler for the Texas Instruments 99/4a home computer

You can run this software on-line here:

This software translates TI-99/4a basic source code into the bytecode that is used in memory and for disk/tape storage.

The software can load and decompile a TIFILE (or cassette image) containing the bytecode and render the source code for editing.

You can download a compiled TIFILE that you can put inside a disk-image and run using a TI-99/4a emulator.

The program can also be played in the speaker of your computer, using the appropriate audio format used by the actual TI. This means that you can connect your computer to the TI with the tape cable and send your basic program directly from the on-line editor to your original Texas Instruments 99/4a home computer!

Since it always decodes the basic bytecode, it cannot handle broken bytecode that contains non-basic binary stuff that is not part of the line number table. This is typically the Playground launcher that escapes the basic sandbox and starts executing machine code.

Note that the backslash is an escape character! To type a single backslash \ you have to type two \\. Using the escape character you can enter binary data into for examples strings like this \xEF

100 REM Edit your (extended) basic program here.
110 REM Upload and Download in TIFILES format.
120 REM You can use escapes (eg \x41 \\) anywhere.
130 REM Use "" for a single quote inside a string.
140 REM
150 PRIN\x54 "HELLO ""WORLD!"" "
160 REM

If you position the editor cursor inside a hexadecimal string it will be visualized as graphics, like this.

Example of rendering hex as bitmap.


Edit TI-99/4a basic programs. Upload/Download TIFILES. Play sounds for transfer of basic program to actual TI-99/4a computer.







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