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Pachube was an idea. Then cosm was an idea. Then Xively was an idea. Now xively is gone. Xively services shut down permanently as of 15 January 2018. This page remains as an example of how one company (or three?) designed an API for communicating telemetry.

The Internet of Things was an idea. Now it’s a reality. Right now, developers and companies are connecting devices and apps to securely store and exchange data. It’s the one solution that brings big ideas about the world to the world.

This is an extension to weewx that uploads weather data to xively (formerly pachube, formerly cosm).




How to Install

  1. Run the extension installer:
wee_extension --install weewx-xively-x.y.tgz
  1. Modify weewx.conf:
        token = TOKEN
        feed = FEED_ID
  1. Restart weewx:
sudo /etc/init.d/weewx stop
sudo /etc/init.d/weewx start


append_units_label - Indicates whether to append the units abbreviation to the variable name. For example, outTemp would be called outTemp_F and pressure would be called pressure_mbar. Default is True.

unit_system - Unit system to which values should be converted before uploading. If nothing is specified, the units from StdConvert will be used. Possible values are US, METRIC, or METRICWX. Default is None.

Upgrading from weewx 2.6-2.7

Simply run the extension installer then restart weewx. If your weewx.conf already contained a token and feed, these should be remembered by the installer.

Upgrading from weewx 2.5

If you were using the extension, remove it - it has been replaced by In weewx.conf, rename the COSM section to Xively and remove the 'driver' parameter.

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