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A starting point for building an installer on CodeIgniter, useful for self-hosted web apps that need to have a GUI installer
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CodeIgniter Installer

General Information

CI Installer is a staring point for giving your downloadable CodeIgniter app an installer.

If you're making a CI app that is designed to be downloaded and self-hosted, then you'll need an easy way for the user to get the DB structure and config in place. That's what this is for.

NOTE: This is to be used as a starting point. You will have to customize it a little to make it perfect for your app, and you might have to dig into the code a little bit. It's pretty simple, so if you have a basic understanding of PHP you shouldn't have trouble.

General Instructions

  • Download CI Installer, rename the folder to 'install' and put it in the root directory of your CI install (as a sibling to the /system folder).
  • Make a SQL dump of your desired database structure and data and paste it into assets/install.sql
  • Open up index.php and change "Your App" in the to your app's name.</li> <li>If you move your CI application folder to a sibling of your system folder instead of a child (this is common), then do a find/replace to replace 'system/application' with 'application' in all the files.</li> <li>In index.php, around line 37 change 'welcome' to the URL of the page (in CodeIgniter) that you want the user to be redirected to after installing.</li> <li>Now try visiting <a href=""></a> and see how it goes.</li> </ul> <p>If you have problems or have recommendations, please file an issue at <a href=""></a> or else it won't get fixed!</p>
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