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Mt. Gox Shell — a command-line frontend to the Mt. Gox Bitcoin Exchange
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goxsh — a command-line frontend to the Mt. Gox Bitcoin Exchange with support for Exchange Bitcoins.


  • Buy and sell bitcoins
  • Specify buy/sell amounts in BTC or USD
  • List and cancel orders
  • Withdraw bitcoins (Mt. Gox only)
  • Interactive authentication with no-echo password prompt — no need to store your credentials on disk
  • Login to one of two exchanges (login user@mtgox or login user@exchb)
  • Display account balance
  • Display ticker
  • Calculate profitable short/long prices from an initial price
  • Tab completion of commands
  • Abort commands with SIGINT (ctrl-c on *nix) without exiting, if Mt. Gox is being slow


Python 2.6 or a newer 2.* release.


Run the script in a terminal window and type "help" to see the list of available commands.


Public domain. :)

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