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Developer tool for debugging weex app with chrome devtool. This tool is a third party plugin, and is not developed nor maintained by Apache Weex.
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Weex-debugger is a Weex developer tool for debugging weex app with chrome devtool, it's an upgraded version of weex-devtool.

The weex-debugger works as a debugging server, it cooperates with the inspect modules on Android and iOS to help user to inspect/debug weex source codes and project.

New Features

  • Added weex performance analysis tools,only supports sdk version higher than 0.17.0.
  • Merge debug logs from debugger and inspector.
  • Using the server headless provides weex execution environment.
  • Support for simple i18n.


$npm install -g weex-toolkit

We advise you to use weex-toolkit which will call weex-devtool.


$ weex debug [options] [vue_file|bundles_dir]
Options Description
-v, --version display version
-h, --help display help
-V, --verbose display logs of debugger server
-p, --port [port] set debugger server port
-m, --manual manual mode,this mode will not auto open chrome
-H --host [host] set the host ip of debugger server
--debug set log level to debug mode
--loglevel [loglevel] set log level silent
--remotedebugport set the remote debug port
--min minimize the jsbundle

start debugger

$ weex debug

NOTE: Since weex-toolkit@1.1.0, weex debug command have been replace with weex-debugger, you can start weex-debugger just using weex debug command, if you want to use weex-debugger below weex-toolkit@1.1.0, you can binding command using weex xbind [command] weex-debugger to binding command into your weex-toolkit.

This command will start debug server and launch a chrome opening DeviceList page. this page will display a QR code, you can use Playground scan it for starting debug or integrate [Weex devtools](#Integrate devtool) into your application.

debug with .vue file
$ weex debug your_weex.vue

This command will compile your_weex.vue to your_weex.js and start the debug server as upon command. your_weex.js will be deployed on the server and displayed on the debug page, using another QR code for debugging your_weex.js file.

start debugger with a directory of vue files
$weex debug your/vue/path  -e index.vue

This command will compile each of the files in your/vue/path and deploy them on the bundled server with the new file mapped to the path http://localhost:port/weex/.

How to access devtools in native

Release Note

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