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Weex Toolkit

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Weex Toolkit is the Standard Tooling for Weex Development.


This document is for the weex-toolkit 2.x version. For the old version of the weex-toolkit documentation, please go to here.

Weex Toolkit is dedicated to standardizing the tool base in the Weex ecosystem. It ensures that various build tools can be seamlessly connected based on smart default configuration, so you can focus on writing applications without having to spend days tangling configuration issues.

System Components

Weex Toolkit split each function module into separate parts, if you see our source code , you will find that we manage multiple separate releases in the repository via Lerna Package, providing the following functional modules:

Project Status Description
@weex-cli/core @weex-cli/core Core module for weex-toolkit
@weex-cli/generator @weex-cli/generator Plugin for quickly init the official project
@weex-cli/compile @weex-cli/compile Plugin for quickly compile Weex file.
@weex-cli/preview @weex-cli/preview Plugin for quickly preview the Weex page
@weex-cli/debug @weex-cli/debug Plugin for compile weex files and debug the Weex page
@weex-cli/doctor @weex-cli/doctor Plugin for quickly checks the user's local development environment
@weex-cli/lint @weex-cli/lint Plugin for performs quality diagnostics on local .vue files
@weex-cli/device @weex-cli/device Plugin for quickly manages user local devices
@weex-cli/run @weex-cli/run Plugin for quickly run weex's iOS/Android/Web project

Getting Started


  • node >= 7.6.0
  • iOS developer tools like XCode
  • Android SDK and ADB

Now you can install the latest version use below command:

$ npm i weex-toolkit -g

To know more detail about the command, you can run:

$ weex --help

Also you can see the document here.