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What is this?

This wiki serves as a main repository of specific schemas to be used by our group to work with data sources.

How to use this Wiki

If you have a data source, where you scraped an object, then extract its template using metaform.template( MYDATA ), and then specify the field definitions using our vocabulary.



Let's say you've got some data:

data = [
    {'a': 1, 'b': 'snack'},
    {'a': 2, 'b': 'cake'}


Just use metaform.template(data), to get:

[{'a': {'*': ''}, 'b': {'*': ''}, '*': ''}]

Then, specify what each field means, by providing its term from any vocabulary, via metawiki shortcuts, which includes all LOV too:

schema = {'a': {'*': 'GH:wefindx/terms/Price#exchange-eur-real1dpoint'},
  'b': {'*': 'GH:wefindx/terms/Meal#food-types-UnorderedSet'},
  '*': 'GH:wefindx/terms/Purchase'}


import metaform