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What is that

The fast and simple RSS / ATOM reader. I call it Rss Joy

  • Optimized for reading feeds offline;
  • No advertising here - absolutly free;
  • Rss Joy help you to store interesting news by stars;
  • View all feeds from a particular site togther by simply navigating between pivots;
  • You can read single channel very easy;

I try to make my product better and pleased for any feedback or advice how improve it

Screen shots

Update history

version 1.5.1, thx Vitaliy and Артем for ideas:

  • Fixed UI for big part of application;
  • Fixed Articles and Channels - you can move to next by gestures;
  • Fixed adding new articles - no matter what published date they have, they come to top;
  • Fixed keyboard for adding new feeds;
  • Added edit channel view;
  • Added search by articles;
  • Added read all articles button at main view;
  • Added more info messages from app;
  • Improved bugs with tiles;
  • Optimized load speed;

version 1.4.1:

  • Fixed showing message on the updating feeds;
  • Improved work with app from the custom tile;

version 1.4:

  • Improved messages
  • Improved tiles
  • Fixed encoding bugs with feeds
  • Added e-mail support for sending best feeds to friends
  • Fixed bugs with opened link in article reading mode
  • Fixed UI bug with images if they are link

version 1.3:

  • Fixed rss load bug
  • Update localization
  • Optimize application

RSS/ATOM reader