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New Issue

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A fully customizable Github issues interface. Setup for your repo today!


Frustrated with Github Issues that don't include enough information? Tired of limitations of Github Issue templates? Worry no more, new-issue is here to rescue!

Demo (Feel free to try it out):

Get Started

Go to and create a file with name :owner/:repo/index.json following this schema.

Once the pull request is merged, you can start linking to in your & files.


View schema

Advanced Usage checks configuration in the following order (prepend

  1. wei/new-issue/{master || :hash}/repos/:owner/:repo/{:type || index}.json
  2. wei/new-issue/{master || :hash}/repos/:owner/index.json
  3. :owner/:repo/{master || :hash}/.new-issue/{:type || index}.json
  4. :owner/:repo/{master || :hash}/.new-issue

:hash can be commit hash or version number.


  • Create bot to merge PRs automatically
  • Better unit tests
  • Add themes





Please do not use the service if your repo is mission critical. Functionalities are subject to change.