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*** History ***
The History file contains the items that comprise the release notes. The
items in the list below used to be in Readme.txt. Readme.txt now contans the
last several releases.
1.0 - First public release
- Withdrawn at the request of RSA DSI over patent claims
- included Blowfish, BBS, DES, DH, Diamond, DSA, ElGamal, IDEA,
MD5, RC4, RC5, RSA, SHA, WAKE, secret sharing, DEFLATE compression
- had a serious bug in the RSA key generation code.
1.1 - Removed RSA, RC4, RC5
- Disabled calls to RSAREF's non-public functions
- Minor bugs fixed
2.0 - a completely new, faster multiprecision integer class
- added MD5-MAC, HAVAL, 3-WAY, TEA, SAFER, LUC, Rabin, BlumGoldwasser,
elliptic curve algorithms
- added the Lucas strong probable primality test
- ElGamal encryption and signature schemes modified to avoid weaknesses
- Diamond changed to Diamond2 because of key schedule weakness
- fixed bug in WAKE key setup
- SHS class renamed to SHA
- lots of miscellaneous optimizations
2.1 - added Tiger, HMAC, GOST, RIPE-MD160, LUCELG, LUCDIF, XOR-MAC,
- added precomputation to DH, ElGamal, DSA, and elliptic curve algorithms
- added back RC5 and a new RSA
- optimizations in elliptic curves over GF(p)
- changed Rabin to use OAEP and PSSR
- changed many classes to allow copy constructors to work correctly
- improved exception generation and handling
2.2 - added SEAL, CAST-128, Square
- fixed bug in HAVAL (padding problem)
- fixed bug in triple-DES (decryption order was reversed)
- fixed bug in RC5 (couldn't handle key length not a multiple of 4)
- changed HMAC to conform to RFC-2104 (which is not compatible
with the original HMAC)
- changed secret sharing and information dispersal to use GF(2^32)
instead of GF(65521)
- removed zero knowledge prover/verifier for graph isomorphism
- removed several utility classes in favor of the C++ standard library
2.3 - ported to EGCS
- fixed incomplete workaround of min/max conflict in MSVC
3.0 - placed all names into the "CryptoPP" namespace
- added MD2, RC2, RC6, MARS, RW, DH2, MQV, ECDHC, CBC-CTS
- added abstract base classes PK_SimpleKeyAgreementDomain and
- changed DH and LUCDIF to implement the PK_SimpleKeyAgreementDomain
interface and to perform domain parameter and key validation
- changed interfaces of PK_Signer and PK_Verifier to sign and verify
messages instead of message digests
- changed OAEP to conform to PKCS#1 v2.0
- changed benchmark code to produce HTML tables as output
- changed PSSR to track IEEE P1363a
- renamed ElGamalSignature to NR and changed it to track IEEE P1363
- renamed ECKEP to ECMQVC and changed it to track IEEE P1363
- renamed several other classes for clarity
- removed support for calling RSAREF
- removed option to compile old SHA (SHA-0)
- removed option not to throw exceptions
3.1 - added ARC4, Rijndael, Twofish, Serpent, CBC-MAC, DMAC
- added interface for querying supported key lengths of symmetric ciphers
and MACs
- added sample code for RSA signature and verification
- changed CBC-CTS to be compatible with RFC 2040
- updated SEAL to version 3.0 of the cipher specification
- optimized multiprecision squaring and elliptic curves over GF(p)
- fixed bug in MARS key setup
- fixed bug with attaching objects to Deflator
3.2 - added DES-XEX3, ECDSA, DefaultEncryptorWithMAC
- renamed DES-EDE to DES-EDE2 and TripleDES to DES-EDE3
- optimized ARC4
- generalized DSA to allow keys longer than 1024 bits
- fixed bugs in GF2N and ModularArithmetic that can cause calculation errors
- fixed crashing bug in Inflator when given invalid inputs
- fixed endian bug in Serpent
- fixed padding bug in Tiger
4.0 - added Skipjack, CAST-256, Panama, SHA-2 (SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512),
and XTR-DH
- added a faster variant of Rabin's Information Dispersal Algorithm (IDA)
- added class wrappers for these operating system features:
* high resolution timers on Windows, Unix, and MacOS
* Berkeley and Windows style sockets
* Windows named pipes
* /dev/random and /dev/urandom on Linux and FreeBSD
* Microsoft's CryptGenRandom on Windows
- added support for SEC 1 elliptic curve key format and compressed points
- added support for X.509 public key format (subjectPublicKeyInfo) for
RSA, DSA, and elliptic curve schemes
- added support for DER and OpenPGP signature format for DSA
- added support for ZLIB compressed data format (RFC 1950)
- changed elliptic curve encryption to use ECIES (as defined in SEC 1)
- changed MARS key schedule to reflect the latest specification
- changed BufferedTransformation interface to support multiple channels
and messages
- changed CAST and SHA-1 implementations to use public domain source code
- fixed bug in StringSource
- optmized multi-precision integer code for better performance
4.1 - added more support for the recommended elliptic curve parameters in SEC 2
- added Panama MAC, MARC4
- added IV stealing feature to CTS mode
- added support for PKCS #8 private key format for RSA, DSA, and elliptic
curve schemes
- changed Deflate, MD5, Rijndael, and Twofish to use public domain code
- fixed a bug with flushing compressed streams
- fixed a bug with decompressing stored blocks
- fixed a bug with EC point decompression using non-trinomial basis
- fixed a bug in NetworkSource::GeneralPump()
- fixed a performance issue with EC over GF(p) decryption
- fixed syntax to allow GCC to compile without -fpermissive
- relaxed some restrictions in the license
4.2 - added support for longer HMAC keys
- added MD4 (which is not secure so use for compatibility purposes only)
- added compatibility fixes/workarounds for STLport 4.5, GCC 3.0.2,
and MSVC 7.0
- changed MD2 to use public domain code
- fixed a bug with decompressing multiple messages with the same object
- fixed a bug in CBC-MAC with MACing multiple messages with the same object
- fixed a bug in RC5 and RC6 with zero-length keys
- fixed a bug in Adler32 where incorrect checksum may be generated
5.0 - added ESIGN, DLIES, WAKE-OFB, PBKDF1 and PBKDF2 from PKCS #5
- added key validation for encryption and signature public/private keys
- renamed StreamCipher interface to SymmetricCipher, which is now implemented
by both stream ciphers and block cipher modes including ECB and CBC
- added keying interfaces to support resetting of keys and IVs without
having to destroy and recreate objects
- changed filter interface to support non-blocking input/output
- changed SocketSource and SocketSink to use overlapped I/O on Microsoft Windows
- grouped related classes inside structs to help templates, for example
AESEncryption and AESDecryption are now AES::Encryption and AES::Decryption
- where possible, typedefs have been added to improve backwards
compatibility when the CRYPTOPP_MAINTAIN_BACKWARDS_COMPATIBILITY macro is defined
- changed Serpent, HAVAL and IDEA to use public domain code
- implemented SSE2 optimizations for Integer operations
- fixed a bug in HMAC::TruncatedFinal()
- fixed SKIPJACK byte ordering following NIST clarification dated 5/9/02
5.01 - added known answer test for X9.17 RNG in FIPS 140 power-up self test
- submitted to NIST/CSE, but not publicly released
5.02 - changed EDC test to MAC integrity check using HMAC/SHA1
- improved performance of integrity check
- added blinding to defend against RSA timing attack
5.03 - created DLL version of Crypto++ for FIPS 140-2 validation
- fixed vulnerabilities in GetNextIV for CTR and OFB modes
5.0.4 - Removed DES, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512 from DLL
5.1 - added PSS padding and changed PSSR to track IEEE P1363a draft standard
- added blinding for RSA and Rabin to defend against timing attacks
on decryption operations
- changed signing and decryption APIs to support the above
- changed WaitObjectContainer to allow waiting for more than 64
objects at a time on Win32 platforms
- fixed a bug in CBC and ECB modes with processing non-aligned data
- fixed standard conformance bugs in DLIES (DHAES mode) and RW/EMSA2
signature scheme (these fixes are not backwards compatible)
- fixed a number of compiler warnings, minor bugs, and portability problems
- removed Sapphire
5.2 - merged in changes for 5.01 - 5.0.4
- added support for using encoding parameters and key derivation parameters
with public key encryption (implemented by OAEP and DL/ECIES)
- added Camellia, SHACAL-2, Two-Track-MAC, Whirlpool, RIPEMD-320,
RIPEMD-128, RIPEMD-256, Base-32 coding, FIPS variant of CFB mode
- added ThreadUserTimer for timing thread CPU usage
- added option for password-based key derivation functions
to iterate until a mimimum elapsed thread CPU time is reached
- added option (on by default) for DEFLATE compression to detect
uncompressible files and process them more quickly
- improved compatibility and performance on 64-bit platforms,
including Alpha, IA-64, x86-64, PPC64, Sparc64, and MIPS64
- fixed ONE_AND_ZEROS_PADDING to use 0x80 instead 0x01 as padding.
- fixed encoding/decoding of PKCS #8 privateKeyInfo to properly
handle optional attributes
5.2.1 - fixed bug in the "dlltest" DLL testing program
- fixed compiling with STLport using VC .NET
- fixed compiling with -fPIC using GCC
- fixed compiling with -msse2 on systems without memalign()
- fixed inability to instantiate PanamaMAC
- fixed problems with inline documentation
5.2.2 - added SHA-224
- put SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, RSASSA-PSS into DLL
5.2.3 - fixed issues with FIPS algorithm test vectors
- put RSASSA-ISO into DLL
5.3 - ported to MSVC 2005 with support for x86-64
- added defense against AES timing attacks, and more AES test vectors
- changed StaticAlgorithmName() of Rijndael to "AES", CTR to "CTR"
5.4 - added Salsa20
- updated Whirlpool to version 3.0
- ported to GCC 4.1, Sun C++ 5.8, and Borland C++Builder 2006
5.5 - added VMAC and Sosemanuk (with x86-64 and SSE2 assembly)
- improved speed of integer arithmetic, AES, SHA-512, Tiger, Salsa20,
Whirlpool, and PANAMA cipher using assembly (x86-64, MMX, SSE2)
- optimized Camellia and added defense against timing attacks
- updated benchmarks code to show cycles per byte and to time key/IV setup
- started using OpenMP for increased multi-core speed
- enabled GCC optimization flags by default in GNUmakefile
- added blinding and computational error checking for RW signing
- changed RandomPool, X917RNG, GetNextIV, DSA/NR/ECDSA/ECNR to reduce
the risk of reusing random numbers and IVs after virtual machine state
- changed default FIPS mode RNG from AutoSeededX917RNG<DES_EDE3> to
- fixed PANAMA cipher interface to accept 256-bit key and 256-bit IV
- moved MD2, MD4, MD5, PanamaHash, ARC4, WAKE_CFB into the namespace "Weak"
- removed HAVAL, MD5-MAC, XMAC
5.5.1 - fixed VMAC validation failure on 32-bit big-endian machines
5.5.2 - ported x64 assembly language code for AES, Salsa20, Sosemanuk, and Panama
to MSVC 2005 (using MASM since MSVC doesn't support inline assembly on x64)
- fixed Salsa20 initialization crash on non-SSE2 machines
- fixed Whirlpool crash on Pentium 2 machines
- fixed possible branch prediction analysis (BPA) vulnerability in
MontgomeryReduce(), which may affect security of RSA, RW, LUC
- fixed link error with MSVC 2003 when using "debug DLL" form of runtime library
- fixed crash in SSE2_Add on P4 machines when compiled with
MSVC 6.0 SP5 with Processor Pack
- ported to MSVC 2008, GCC 4.2, Sun CC 5.9, Intel C++ Compiler 10.0,
and Borland C++Builder 2007
5.6.0 - added AuthenticatedSymmetricCipher interface class and Filter wrappers
- added CCM, GCM (with SSE2 assembly), EAX, CMAC, XSalsa20, and SEED
- added support for variable length IVs
- added OIDs for Brainpool elliptic curve parameters
- improved AES and SHA-256 speed on x86 and x64
- changed BlockTransformation interface to no longer assume data alignment
- fixed incorrect VMAC computation on message lengths
that are >64 mod 128 (x86 assembly version is not affected)
- fixed compiler error in vmac.cpp on x86 with GCC -fPIC
- fixed run-time validation error on x86-64 with GCC 4.3.2 -O2
- fixed HashFilter bug when putMessage=true
- fixed AES-CTR data alignment bug that causes incorrect encryption on ARM
- removed WORD64_AVAILABLE; compiler support for 64-bit int is now required
- ported to GCC 4.3, C++Builder 2009, Sun CC 5.10, Intel C++ Compiler 11
5.6.1 - added support for AES-NI and CLMUL instruction sets in AES and GMAC/GCM
- removed WAKE-CFB
- fixed several bugs in the SHA-256 x86/x64 assembly code:
* incorrect hash on non-SSE2 x86 machines on non-aligned input
* incorrect hash on x86 machines when input crosses 0x80000000
* incorrect hash on x64 when compiled with GCC with optimizations enabled
- fixed bugs in AES x86 and x64 assembly causing crashes in some MSVC build configurations
- switched to a public domain implementation of MARS
- ported to MSVC 2010, GCC 4.5.1, Sun Studio 12u1, C++Builder 2010, Intel C++ Compiler 11.1
- renamed the MSVC DLL project to "cryptopp" for compatibility with MSVC 2010
5.6.2 - changed license to Boost Software License 1.0
- added SHA-3 (Keccak)
- updated DSA to FIPS 186-3 (see DSA2 class)
- fixed Blowfish minimum keylength to be 4 bytes (32 bits)
- fixed Salsa validation failure when compiling with GCC 4.6
- fixed infinite recursion when on x64, assembly disabled, and no AESNI
- ported to MSVC 2012, GCC 4.7, Clang 3.2, Solaris Studio 12.3, Intel C++ Compiler 13.0
5.6.3 - maintenance release, honored API/ABI/Versioning requirements
- expanded processes to include community and its input
* 12 unique contributors for this release
- fixed CVE-2015-2141
- cleared most Undefined Behavior Sanitizer (UBsan) findings
- cleared all Address Sanitizer (Asan) findings
- cleared all Valgrind findings
- cleared all Coverity findings
- cleared all Enterprise Analysis (/analyze) findings
- cleared most GCC warnings with -Wall
- cleared most Clang warnings with -Wall
- cleared most MSVC warnings with /W4
- added -fPIC 64-bit builds. Off by default for i386
- added HKDF class from RFC 5868
- switched to member_ptr due to C++ 11 warnings for auto_ptr
- initialization of C++ static objects, off by default
* GCC and init_priotirty/constructor attributes
* MSVC and init_seg(lib)
* CRYPTOPP_INIT_PRIORITY disabled by default, but available
- improved OS X support
- improved GNUmakefile support for Testing and QA
- added self tests for additional Testing and QA
- added for systematic Testing and QA
- added GNU Gold linker support
- added Visual Studio 2010 solution and project files in
- added Clang integrated assembler support
- unconditionally define CRYPTOPP_NO_UNALIGNED_DATA_ACCESS for Makefile
target 'ubsan' and at -O3 due to GCC vectorization on x86 and x86_64
- workaround ARMEL/GCC 5.2 bug and failed self test
- fixed crash in MQV due to GCC 4.9+ and inlining
- fixed hang in SHA due to GCC 4.9+ and inlining
- fixed missing rdtables::Te under VS with ALIGNED_DATA_ACCESS
- fixed S/390 and big endian feature detection
- fixed S/390 and int128_t/uint128_t detection
- fixed X32 (ILP32) feature detection
- removed _CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE for Microsoft platforms
- utilized bound checking interfaces from ISO/IEC TR 24772 when available
- improved ARM, ARM64, MIPS, MIPS64, S/390 and X32 (ILP32) support
- added additional Doxygen-based documentation
- ported to MSVC 2015, Xcode 7.2, GCC 5.2, Clang 3.7, Intel C++ 16.00
5.6.4 - September 11, 2016
- maintenance release, honored API/ABI/Versioning requirements
- expanded community input and support
* 22 unique contributors for this release
- fixed CVE-2016-3995
- changed SHA3 to FIPS 202 (F1600, XOF d=0x06)
- added Keccak (F1600, XOF d=0x01)
- added ChaCha (ChaCha8/12/20)
- added HMQV and FHMQV
* Hashed and Fully Hashed MQV
- added BLAKE2 (BLAKE2s and BLAKE2b)
- added CRC32-C
* C/C++, Amd64 CRC, and ARMv8 CRC
- improved Rabin-William signatures
* Tweaked roots <em>e</em> and <em>f</em>
- improved C++11 support
* atomics, threads and fences
* alginof, alignas
* constexpr
* noexcept
- improved GCM mode
* ARMv8 carry-less multiply
- improved Windows 8 and 10 support
* Windows Phone, Universal Windows Platform, Windows Store
- improved MIPS, ARMv7 and ARMv8 support
* added scripts setenv-{android|embedded|ios}.sh for GNUmakefile-cross
* aggressive use of -march=<arch> and -mfpu=<fpu> in
- improved build systems
* Visual Studio 2010 default
* added CMake support (lacks FindCryptopp.cmake)
* archived VC++ 5/0/6.0 project files (
* archived VS2005 project files (
* archived Borland project files (
- improved Testing and QA
* expanded platforms and compilers
* added code generation tests based on CPU features
* added C++03, C++11, C++14, C++17 testing
* added -O3, -O5, -Ofast and -Os testing
- ported to MSVC 2015 SP3, Xcode 9.0, Sun Studio 12.5, GCC 7.0,
MacPorts GCC 7.0, Clang 3.8, Intel C++ 17.00
5.6.5 - October 11, 2016
- maintenance release, recompile of programs recommended
- expanded community input and support
* 25 unique contributors as of this release
- fixed CVE-2016-7420 (Issue 277, document NDEBUG for production/release)
- fixed CVE-2016-7544 (Issue 302, avoid _malloca and _freea)
- shipped library in recommended state
* backwards compatibility achieved with <config.compat>
- Visual Studio project file cleanup
* improved X86 and X64 MSBuild support
* added ARM-based MSBuild awareness
- improved Testing and QA
* expanded platforms and compilers
* expanded Coverity into OS X and Windows platforms
* added Windows test scripts using Strawberry Perl
- ported to MSVC 2015 SP3, Xcode 7.3, Sun Studio 12.5, GCC 7.0,
MacPorts GCC 7.0, Clang 3.8, Intel C++ 17.00
6.0.0 - January 22, 2018
- Major release, recompile of programs required
- expanded community input and support
* 43 unique contributors as of this release
- fixed CVE-2016-9939 (Issue 346, transient DoS)
- fixed CVE-2017-9434 (Issue 414, misidentified memory error)
- converted to BASE+SIMD implementation
* BASE provides an architecture neutral C++ implementation
* SIMD provides architecture specific hardware acceleration
- improved PowerPC Power4, Power7 and Power8 support
- added ARIA, EC German DSA, Deterministic signatures (RFC 6979),
Kalyna, NIST Hash and HMAC DRBG, Padlock RNG, Poly1305, SipHash,
Simon, Speck, SM3, SM4, Threefish algorithms
- added NaCl interface from the compact library
* x25519 key exhange and ed25519 signing provided through NaCl interface
- improved Testing and QA
- ported to MSVC 2017, Xcode 8.1, Sun Studio 12.5, GCC 7.0,
MacPorts GCC 7.0, Clang 4.0, Intel C++ 17.00, IBM XL C/C++ 13.1
6.1.0 - February 22, 2018
- minor release, maintenance items
- expanded community input and support
* 46 unique contributors as of this release
- use 2048-bit modulus default for DSA
- fix build under Linuxbrew
- use /bin/sh in GNUmakefile
- fix missing flags for SIMON and SPECK in GNUMakefile-cross
- fix ARM and MinGW misdetection
- port to latest NDK
- fix Clang check for C++11 lambdas
- Simon and Speck to little-endian implementation
- use LIB_MAJOR for ABI compatibility
- fix ODR violation in AdvancedProcessBlocks_{ARCH} templates
- handle C++17 std::uncaught_exceptions
- ported to MSVC 2017, Xcode 8.1, Sun Studio 12.5, GCC 8.0.1,
MacPorts GCC 7.0, Clang 4.0, Intel C++ 17.00, IBM XL C/C++ 13.1
7.0.0 - April 8, 2018
- major release, recompile of programs required
- expanded community input and support
* 48 unique contributors as of this release
- fix incorrect result when using Integer::ModInverse
* may be CVE worthy, but request was not submitted
- fix ARIA/CTR bus error on Sparc64
- fix incorrect result when using a_exp_b_mod_c
- fix undeclared identifier uint32_t on early Visual Studio
- fix iPhoneSimulator build on i386
- fix incorrect adler32 in ZlibDecompressor
- fix Power7 test using PPC_FEATURE_ARCH_2_06
- workaround incorrect Glibc sysconf return value on ppc64-le
- add KeyDerivationFunction interface
- add scrypt key derivation function
- add Salsa20_Core transform callable from outside class
- add sbyte, sword16, sword32 and sword64
- remove s_nullNameValuePairs from unnamed namespace
- ported to MSVC 2017, Xcode 9.3, Sun Studio 12.5, GCC 8.0.1,
MacPorts GCC 7.0, Clang 4.0, Intel C++ 17.00, IBM XL C/C++ 13.1
8.0.0 - December 28, 2018
- major release, recompile of programs required
- expanded community input and support
* 54 unique contributors as of this release
- add x25519 key exchange and ed25519 signature scheme
- add limited Asymmetric Key Package support from RFC 5958
- add Power9 DARN random number generator support
- add CHAM, HC-128, HC-256, Hight, LEA, Rabbit, Simeck
- fix FixedSizeAllocatorWithCleanup may be unaligned on some platforms
- cutover to GNU Make-based cpu feature tests
- rename files with dashes to underscores
- fix LegacyDecryptor and LegacyDecryptorWithMAC use wrong MAC
- fix incorrect AES/CBC decryption on Windows
- avoid Singleton<T> when possible, avoid std::call_once completely
- fix SPARC alignment problems due to GetAlignmentOf<T>() on word64
- add ARM AES asm implementation from Cryptogams
8.1.0 - February 22, 2019
- minor release, no recompile of programs required
- expanded community input and support
* 56 unique contributors as of this release
- fix OS X PowerPC builds with Clang
- add Microsoft ARM64 support
- fix iPhone Simulator build due to missing symbols
- add carryless multiplies for NIST b233 and k233 curves
- fix OpenMP build due to use of OpenMP 4 with down-level compilers
- add SignStream and VerifyStream for ed25519 and large files
- fix missing AlgorithmProvider in PanamaHash
- add SHAKE-128 and SHAKE-256
- fix AVX2 build due to _mm256_broadcastsi128_si256
- add IETF ChaCha, XChaCha, ChaChaPoly1305 and XChaChaPoly1305
8.2.0 - April 28, 2019
- minor release, no recompile of programs required
- expanded community input and support
* 56 unique contributors as of this release
- use PowerPC unaligned loads and stores with Power8
- add SKIPJACK test vectors
- fix SHAKE-128 and SHAKE-256 compile
- removed IS_NEON from Makefile
- fix Aarch64 build on Fedora 29
- fix missing GF2NT_233_Multiply_Reduce_CLMUL in FIPS DLL
- add missing BLAKE2 constructors
- fix missing BlockSize() in BLAKE2 classes
8.3.0 - December 20, 2020
- minor release, recompile of programs required
- expanded community input and support
* 66 unique contributors as of this release
- fix use of macro CRYPTOPP_ALIGN_DATA
- fix potential out-of-bounds read in ECDSA
- fix std::bad_alloc when using ByteQueue in pipeline
- fix missing CRYPTOPP_CXX17_EXCEPTIONS with Clang
- fix potential out-of-bounds read in GCM mode
- add when preprocessor macros fail
- fix potential out-of-bounds read in SipHash
- fix compile error on POWER9 due to vec_xl_be
- fix K233 curve on POWER8
- add Cirrus CI testing
- fix broken encryption for some 64-bit ciphers
- fix Android cpu-features.c using C++ compiler
- disable RDRAND and RDSEED for some AMD processors
- fix BLAKE2 hash calculation using Salt and Personalization
- refresh Android and iOS build scripts
- add XTS mode
- fix circular dependency between misc.h and secblock.h
- add Certificate interface
- fix recursion in AES::Encryption without AESNI
- add missing OID for ElGamal encryption
- fix missing override in KeyDerivationFunction-derived classes
- fix RDSEED assemble under MSVC
- fix elliptic curve timing leaks (CVE-2019-14318)
- add link-library variable to Makefiles
- fix SIZE_MAX definition in misc.h
- add GetWord64 and PutWord64 to BufferedTransformation
- use HKDF in AutoSeededX917RNG::Reseed
- fix Asan finding in VMAC on i686 in inline asm
- fix undeclared identifier _mm_roti_epi64 on Gentoo
- fix ECIES and GetSymmetricKeyLength
- fix possible divide by zero in PKCS5_PBKDF2_HMAC
- refine ASN.1 encoders and decoders
- disable BMI2 code paths in Integer class
- add NEON SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512 from Cryptogams
- add ARM SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512 from Cryptogams
- make config.h more autoconf friendly
- handle Clang triplet armv8l-unknown-linux-gnueabihf
- fix reference binding to misaligned address in xed25519
- clear asserts in TestDataNameValuePairs
8.4.0 - January 2, 2021
- minor release, recompile of programs required
- expanded community input and support
* 67 unique contributors as of this release
- fix SIGILL on POWER8 when compiling with GCC 10
- fix potential out-of-bounds write in FixedSizeAllocatorWithCleanup
- fix compile on AIX POWER7 with IBM XLC 12.01
- fix compile on Solaris with SunCC 12.6
- revert changes for constant-time elliptic curve algorithms
- fix makefile clean and distclean recipes