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Version 0.0.1


EdpSuperluminal is a ZF2 module that caches the Zend classes used by your application into a single file. Including this file greatly reduces the execution time of your application, as the calls to the standard autoloader are almost entirely eliminated.

Warning: After installing and enabling this module, it may seem as though your ZF2 application is running faster than the speed of light (superluminal). Don't panic. This is just an illusion and no laws of physics are being violated.


  • Clone this module into your vendor/ directory and enable EdpSuperluminal
  • Add the following code to your public/index.php after chdir() and before including the AutoloaderFactory file:

    define('ZF_CLASS_CACHE', 'data/cache/classes.php.cache');
    if (file_exists(ZF_CLASS_CACHE)) require_once ZF_CLASS_CACHE;
  • In your browser, go to http://yourapp/?buildCache=1 to build the initial class.