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Commits on Sep 18, 2012
  1. Minor refactor to make origin of services more clear

    - helpers vs services
    - controllers vs services
Commits on Aug 31, 2012
  1. Bind entity in factory

  2. Removed unused property

    - $filter
  3. Moved pagination to PeepTable

    - PeepTable now returns paginators directly
    - PeepService simply configures returned paginators
Commits on Aug 29, 2012
  1. Simpler pagination

    - Used DbSelect paginator, as it now works correctly
      - Removed PeepPaginator, as no longer necessary
      - Removed "count" fetch methods in PeepTable, as no longer necessary
      - Removed "fetchPeepFromSelect" in PeepTable, as no longer necessary
    - Fixed issue with pagination in main timeline
  2. Fixed pagination for user timeline

    - Use a placeholder to store base URL information
    - Pull url information in pagination control partial to build base url
  3. Fixed pagination urls

    - Needed a route name to generate paginated URLs for username timelines
  4. Updated to pre-RC6 code of ZF2

    - Refactored form to use annotations; removed filter, and made "form" a factory
      that builds via annotations.
    - Ensured escaping uses the new escaper mechanism
    - Rendering forms now uses formRow() helper
    - Factories in plugin managers need to grab the parent service locator to pull
      system-wide services
    - ZfcUser now uses "Entity" instead of "Model"
Commits on Jun 1, 2012
  1. Updated README

    - Added install directions
    - Added DB initialization directions
  2. Better tweet layout

    - Fewer columns == no stacking
  3. Working module following functional testing

    - both view helpers had an incorrect suffix
    - added missing imports throughout
    - fixed Where usage in table gateway
    - fixed how username is retrieved in controller
    - fixed how identifier is retrieved in controller
    - fixed identifier regex for status route
    - added validation group to form
    - fixed markup and layout as needed
    - added missing "register" view script
    - fixed invalid regex options in input filter
  4. Added all views

    - Created PeepText helper, for echoing peep texts with links
    - Created all view scripts
  5. Added PeepForm view helper

    - Checks for authenticated user before displaying form
  6. Created service factories

    - Table factory grabs service for adapter, and initial table name, to seed a
      PeepTable instance
    - Service factory grabs the phly-peep-table service, and uses that and the
      page_size, if configured, to seed a PeepService instance
    - Controller factory grabs the phly-peep-service and zfcuser_auth_service
      services, and uses them to seed a PeepController instance
  7. Added controller

    - Targets for:
      - index (get timeline)
      - username (get timeline by username)
      - status (get timeline by identifier)
      - process (create new peep)
    - Requires PeepService and AuthenticationService objects
  8. Added PeepService

    - Returns paginators for the fetch(User)?Timeline() methods, otherwise delegates
      to the composed PeepTable object
  9. Added paginator

    - Implements paginator AdapterInterface; expects a table, type, and optional
      user (if type is TYPE_USER)
      - count() and getItems() proxy to related methods in PeepTable
    - Fixed fetchUserTimelineCount() to accept a $user argument
  10. Added form

    - "peep_text", "secure", and "peep" elements
  11. Created TableGateway for Peep table

    - Created a table gateway with a few convenience methods, all operating on
      PeepEntities, or returning iterators containing them
      - fetchTimeline
      - fetchUserTimeline
      - fetchPeep
      - insertPeep
  12. Added PeepFilter and PeepEntity

    - Added initial model classes -- peep entity and filter.
    - Added autoloading config to Module to allow finding Model classes
Commits on May 31, 2012
  1. Added composer.json

    - Defines package
    - Defines dependencies
  2. Created peep DB schema

    - Table "peep" and index "peep_username"
  3. Created repository

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