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Demonstration ZF2 module -- twitter clone

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PhlyPeep: Twitter clone for DPC 12 Workshop

This is a sample module for the DPC 12 Zend Framework 2 workshop on building re-usable modules. The goals are:

  • Demonstrate some principles to follow when writing modules
  • Demonstrate a number of components, including the ServiceManager, InputFilter, Form, MVC, and Db.

This will not and should not be considered a fully-functional, full-featured module, though the basic functionality should work.


  • PHP >= 5.3.3
  • Zend Framework (current master)
  • ZfcUser (current master)


Via Composer:

Update your composer.json

    "require": {
        /* ... */
        "phly/phly-peep": "dev-master"

and then run:

php composer.phar install

As a submodule:

git submodule add git:// vendor/PhlyPeep


After installation, update your config/application.config.php to add "PhlyPeep" as a module.

Database Setup

Currently, PhlyPeep only ships with a schema for SQLite. You can import it using the following:

$> sqlite3 path/to/database < path/to/phly-peep/data/schema.sqlite.sql
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