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Tutorial app for Dutch PHP Conference 2012 ZF2 Modules workshop
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DPC 12 Workshop Application


This is a simple, skeleton application using the ZF2 MVC layer and module systems. This application is meant to be used as a starting place for those looking to get their feet wet with ZF2.

It includes:

  • ZfcUser, for user registration and log in functionality
  • PhlyContact, for a simple contact form

During the workshop, we will add a module, PhlyPeep, to the project.


Using Composer (recommended)

The recommended way to get a working copy of this project is to clone the repository and use composer to install dependencies:

cd my/project/dir
git clone [uri TBD]
cd dpc12workshop
php composer.phar install

Grabbing PhlyPeep

The module we will develop is called "PhlyPeep", and is a twitter clone. You can import it as either a composer repository or as a git submodule.

To import it as a composer repository, edit the composer.json and add the following entry to the "require" key:

"phly/phly-peep": "dev-master"

Once done, execute the following:

php composer.phar update

To import it as a git submodule, simply do the following:

git submodule init
git submodule update

(PhlyPeep is already present as a git submodule at this time.)


Because this tutorial uses sqlite, make sure that the data directory is read/write for your the user your web server runs under, as is the application.db file underneath it.

Additionally, the mail functionality for the contact form initially uses a "File" transport. For this to work, ensure that the data/mail/contact folder has read/write permissions for the user your web server runs under.

One way to accomplish this (though insecure) is:

chmod -R a+rwX data

Virtual Host

Afterwards, set up a virtual host to point to the public/ directory of the project and you should be ready to go!

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