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Commits on Jun 01, 2012
@weierophinney Updated README
- Added instructions for grabbing the PhlyPeep module
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@@ -27,6 +27,27 @@ and use composer to install dependencies:
cd dpc12workshop
php composer.phar install
+Grabbing PhlyPeep
+The module we will develop is called "PhlyPeep", and is a twitter clone. You can
+import it as either a composer repository or as a git submodule.
+To import it as a composer repository, edit the `composer.json` and add the
+following entry to the "require" key:
+ "phly/phly-peep": "dev-master"
+Once done, execute the following:
+ php composer.phar update
+To import it as a git submodule, simply do the following:
+ git submodule init
+ git submodule update
+(PhlyPeep is already present as a git submodule at this time.)
Because this tutorial uses sqlite, make sure that the data directory is

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