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This is a demo pastebin application, primarily developed to show off new
features of the Dojo/Zend Framework integration.
This application requires that you either have Zend Framework on your
include_path, or that you will be symlinking your Zend Framework library
into the library directory. If you do not yet have Zend Framework, you
can get it from one of the following sources:
* Official Release:
* Subversion; use either the current trunk or the 1.7 release branch:
svn co
svn co
Install Zend Framework locally, and the follow these steps:
1. Untar the archive using:
tar xzf <packagefile>
2. I recommend creating a symlink to the directory created when
extracting from the archive:
ln -s /var/www/pastebin /path/to/<packagedir>
(Assuming /var/www contains directories for your vhosts.)
3. Run the install script
The application now comes with an install script, that creates the
necessary symlinks, initializes the development database, and sets
appropriate permissions. Simply run it using php:
php install.php path/to/ZendFramework/library/Zend
You can get full usage by passing the -h, --help, or -? options:
php install.php -h
3. Create a vhost that points its DocumentRoot to the public
subdirectory. As an example:
<VirtualHost *>
DocumentRoot /var/www/pastebin/public
ServerName paste.local
ErrorLog /var/log/apache2/paste.local-error_log
CustomLog /var/log/apache2/paste.local-access_log common
<Directory /var/www/pastebin/public>
DirectoryIndex index.php
AllowOverride All
Order allow,deny
Allow from all
In this particular example, we use the ServerName "paste.local"; you
will need to add this to your hosts file: paste.local
4. Finally, simply fire your browser to:
This application shows off the following Dojo features:
* BorderContainer
* TabContainer
* ExpandoPane
* AccordionContainer
* dojox.Grid
* dojox.highlight
* dojo.back
* A variety of dijits: ValidationTextBox, SimpleTextarea,
and FilteringSelect
* dojo.xhr
ZF specific features include:
* Zend_Dojo_View_Helper_* (BorderContainer, TabContainer,
ContentPane, etc.)
* Zend_Dojo_Form (form and form elements)
* Zend_Dojo_Data (used to populate the grid)
* Zend_Json_Server (used to process forms and update statusbar
For the adventurous, I have provided a profile for creating a custom
Dojo build for the pastebin application. You will need to copy the
public/js-src/paste directory and contents to your Dojo source
installation, and then use the misc/spindle.profile.js build profile to
create the build. Further instructions are in misc/README.txt.
If you have any feature requests, feel free to send them to:
Matthew Weier O'Phinney <>
I may or may not honor them. :)
Please see LICENSE.txt