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Created plugin architecture for models

Updated README.txt and TODO
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1 parent 0f87f19 commit a79ecb1ad5afc4b5c810adce69e459453eca5deb @weierophinney committed Dec 4, 2008
@@ -18,12 +18,12 @@ INSTALLATION
installation (1.6.0RC1 or later, or current trunk) to library/Zend/
-- this is done to keep the tarball size down.
- Alternately, you can grab current trunk or the 1.6 release branch
+ Alternately, you can grab current trunk or the 1.7 release branch
from SVN using:
svn co
- svn co
+ svn co
4. If you are on Windows, rename the public/js-src directory to
public/js; on *nix, verify that public/js is a symlink to
@@ -34,10 +34,10 @@ INSTALLATION
chmod -R a+rwX <packagedir>/application/data
-6. Make the directory public/api/paste/v1/content world writeable; this can be
- accomplished on *nix systems using:
+6. Make the directory public/api/spindle/paste/content world writeable; this can
+ be accomplished on *nix systems using:
- chmod a+rwX <packagedir>/public/api/paste/v1/content
+ chmod a+rwX <packagedir>/public/api/spindle/paste/content
This will only affect you when you set the application environment to
"production", at which time artifacts will be written to the
@@ -75,10 +75,14 @@ This application shows off the following Dojo features:
* BorderContainer
* TabContainer
+ * ExpandoPane
+ * AccordionContainer
* dojox.Grid
* dojox.highlight
+ * dojo.back
* A variety of dijits: ValidationTextBox, SimpleTextarea,
and FilteringSelect
+ * dojo.xhr
ZF specific features include:
@@ -95,7 +99,7 @@ CUSTOM DOJO BUILDS
For the adventurous, I have provided a profile for creating a custom
Dojo build for the pastebin application. You will need to copy the
public/js-src/paste directory and contents to your Dojo source
-installation, and then use the misc/paste.profile.js build profile to
+installation, and then use the misc/spindle.profile.js build profile to
create the build. Further instructions are in misc/README.txt.
@@ -3,16 +3,15 @@
- If available, redirect to JS-enabled version
- Add detection in active-grid action to use Zend_Paginator if JS is
- - Plugin system for Paste model
- - allow registering plugins statically and/or per instance
- - surrounding add() call
- - Allowing such things as:
- - sending updates to an IRC channel
- - sending updates to Growl or growl-like notifiers
- - triggering caching
- - triggering indexing
- spindle layer
- Add ability to update page title (hook this in pastebin module)
- Import bugapp into Spindle module
- Navbar
- links should load main content frame dynamically, w/o page refresh
+- Create an install script
+ - should set appropriate permissions
+ - data directory (world writeable)
+ - api/spindle/paste/content directory (world writeable)
+ - should optionally allow specifying directory containing ZF to symlink in
+ - should symlink js-src js
+ - should create dev database (if ZF is detected)
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