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Welcome to the pastebin wiki!

2008-12-05 1.3.0 released

I’ve just tagged 1.3.0, which significantly refactors the UI and the underlying architecture. The pastebin is now part of a new module, “Spindle”, which will offer several other applications. To allow for this, some bootstrapping architecture was added.

Additionally, all XHR requests go through a variety of service points. This allows for snappier response times, a lighter weight MVC, lighter initial page payloads, and extensibility for future services.

Finally, several UI improvements were made. The window title now changes as new tabs are selected. An ExpandoPane navigation bar has been added containing an AccordionContainer; each application in the Spindle will have its own pane with menu items (yyou can see this in place for the Pastebin already).


2008-11-28 Project Updates

I’ve released 1.1.0 and 1.2.0 in the past week. In these releases, I’ve reworked the architecture for XHR calls to utilize a combination of REST and JSON-RPC. With REST requests, I’m caching resources in the public tree, so that static content such as pastes and forms can be returned directly by Apache instead of requiring the MVC layer. This should make the UI very responsive. Additionally, the grid population now uses a script in the API, which bypasses the MVC while still allowing for client-side caching; again, this is for performance purposes. Finally, pastes and followups can now be submitted by JSON-RPC, again, providing a performance gain.

For those who are interested, I also supplied an XML-RPC service for retrieving and posting pastes; this could be useful for interfacing with thick-client technologies.

If you have been paying careful attention, you’ll notice I created a “spindle” branch today. With this branch, I hope to show how modules in ZF can be used, as well as to start building additional applications that interact with the pastebin. To start, I will be adding a tagging and search infrastructure to the pastebin. The next step will be to incorporate my bugapp into the module; this will be the beginning of a collaborative development environment for small teams. The next application I plan to add will be a wiki. All applications will feature rich UIs using Dojo as well as best practices for using Zend Framework and Dojo.

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