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This is a mirror of

A Personal Wiki For Vim Plugin
Screenshots are available on 
There are also zipped vimwiki files there in case you do not like vimball archives.

Vimwiki quick reference card by J.A.J. Pater.
Thx Gager Jacob for the update.

Make sure you have these settings in your vimrc file: 

set nocompatible
filetype plugin on
syntax on

Without them Vimwiki will not work properly.

Vimwiki is a personal wiki for Vim -- a number of linked text files that have
their own syntax highlighting.

With vimwiki you can
    - organize notes and ideas
    - manage todo-lists
    - write documentation

To do a quick start press <Leader>ww (this is usually \ww) to go to your index
wiki file. By default it is located in:

Feed it with the following example:

= My knowledge base =
    * MyUrgentTasks -- things to be done _yesterday_!!!
    * ProjectGutenberg -- good books are power.
    * ScratchPad -- various temporary stuff.

Notice that ProjectGutenberg, MyUrgentTasks and ScratchPad highlighted as
errors. These are links in CamelCase form that do not exists yet. (CamelCase
form -- capitalized word connected with other capitalized words)

Place cursor on ProjectGutenberg and press <Enter>. Now you are in
ProjectGutenberg. Edit and save it, then press Backspace to return to parent
wiki page. You should see the difference now -- ProjectGutenberg is
highlighted as a link.

For the various options see :h vimwiki-options.

Basic Markup
see :h vimwiki-syntax

*bold* -- bold 
_italic_ -- italic 
WikiWord -- link to WikiWord 
[[wiki link]] -- link with spaces
[[wiki link][description]] -- link with description
[[wiki link|description]] -- link with description

* bullet list item 1
    - bullet list item 2
    - bullet list item 3
        * bullet list item 4
        * bullet list item 5
* bullet list item 6
* bullet list item 7
    - bullet list item 8
    - bullet list item 9

# numbered list item 1
# numbered list item 2
    # numbered list item 3
    # numbered list item 4

= Header1 =
== Header2 ==
=== Header3 ===

Key bindings
see :h vimwiki-mappings

normal mode: 
<Leader>ww -- Open default wiki index file.
<Leader>wt -- Open default wiki index file in a new tab.
<Leader>ws -- Select and open wiki index file.
<Leader>wd -- Delete wiki file you are in.
<Leader>wr -- Rename wiki file you are in.
<Enter> -- Folow/Create wiki link
<Shift-Enter> -- Split and folow/create wiki link
<Ctrl-Enter> -- Vertical split and folow/create wiki link
<Backspace> -- Go back to parent(previous) wiki link
<Tab> -- Find next wiki link
<Shift-Tab> -- Find previous wiki link

:Vimwiki2HTML -- Convert current wiki link to HTML
:VimwikiAll2HTML -- Convert all your wiki links to HTML