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Version 0.8.2

  * [del] Removed google syntax file.
  * [new] Default vimwiki syntax is a subset of google's one. Header's has been changed from !Header to =Header=. It is easier to maintain only 2 syntaxes. See :h vimwiki-syntax-headers.
  * [new] Multiline paragraphs -- less longlines.
  * [new] Comments. See :h vimwiki-syntax-comments.
  * [del] Removed setlocal textwidth = 0 from ftplugin.
  * [fix] New regexps for bold, italic, bolditalic.
  * [fix] The last item in List sometimes fold-in incorrectly.
  * [fix] Minor tweaks on default css.
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1 parent c47bf06 commit 768f9a1b1161f1e51b9d2c084cd5a00dbdc53a7a @habamax habamax committed with vim-scripts Mar 14, 2009
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