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Commits on Dec 23, 2010
  1. @tswicegood

    Add in the doc/tags file that Vim generates

    tswicegood authored
    This is mostly useful for people on Pathogen (i.e., Matthew and myself).
    You can safely ignore this file in your install if you like and Vim will
    generate it for you and/or modify your existing doc/tags file.
Commits on Dec 14, 2010
  1. Removed taskKeyword syntax

    - Not used by me, and tends to lead to odd syntax highlighting within wiki
      documents ("work" "working" "todo" "done", etc. get highlighted randomly).
Commits on Dec 13, 2010
  1. Added task item header highlighting

    - Highlights task headers in bold blue for incomplete tasks
    - Highlights task headers in bold green for done tasks
Commits on Dec 10, 2010
  1. Do not highlight task "header" lines

    - Removed syntax highlighting for header "task" lines; was too greedy, and
      highlighted too often. May revise later to highlight these separate from
      regular tasks, but not worried about it currently.
Commits on Dec 9, 2010
  1. Added rudimentary vim-task integration

    - Adds toggles for tasks
    - Adds syntax highlighting for headers and completed tasks
    - Created docs in both README and vimwiki docs for vim-task integration
Commits on Oct 18, 2010
  1. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 1.1.1

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
    Follow up bugfix release.
    * FIX: Issue 122: Dot character in vimwiki's directory path isn't escaped.
    * FIX: Issue 123: Where is Vimwiki2HTML and other commands? Sometimes filetype is not set up to vimwiki.
    * FIX: Issue 124: Highlight group not found: Normal
  2. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 1.1

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
    * NEW: Issue 57: Make it possible to have pre block inside list item.
    * NEW: Issue 82: Add quick goto command. See |:VimwikiGoto|.
    * NEW: Issue 83: Quick switch in diary. See |:VimwikiDiaryNextDay| and
      |:VimwikiDiaryPrevDay| commands.
    * FIX: Issue 84: Vimwiki rename removed the WikiWord display name.
    * FIX: Issue 85: Errors if you have '~' subdirectory in a wiki directory.
    * FIX: Issue 86: Existed links '[[WikiLink1|Alias1]] | [[WikiLink2]]' are
      highlighted as a single link.
    * FIX: Issue 88: Underline text. See |g:vimwiki_valid_html_tags|.
    * FIX: Issue 92: Wikies in a subdir could be renamed to an empty file.
    * FIX: Issue 93: Use alias name in html title. See |vimwiki-title|.
    * FIX: Issue 94: Relative links to PHP files are broken. See
      |g:vimwiki_file_exts| for details.
    * FIX: Issue 96: Closing bracket at the end of weblink shouldn't be a part
      of that link.
    * FIX: Issue 97: Error opening weblink in a browser if it has # inside.
    * FIX: Issue 99: Vim is not responing while opening arbitrary wiki file.
    * FIX: Issue 100: Additional content on diary index page could be
    * NEW: Issue 101: Customized HTML tags. See |g:vimwiki_valid_html_tags|
    * NEW: Issue 102: Conceal feature usage. See |g:vimwiki_conceallevel|.
    * FIX: Issue 103: Always highlight links to non-wiki files as existed.
    * FIX: Issue 104: vimwiki#nested_syntax needs 'keepend' to avoid contained
      language syntax eat needed '}}}'.
    * FIX: Issue 105: <i_CR> on a todo list item with [ ] doesn't create new
      todo list item.
    * FIX: Issue 106: With MediaWiki syntax <C-Space> on a child todo list
      item produce errors.
    * FIX: Issue 107: With MediaWiki syntax <C-Space> on a list item creates
      todo list item without space between * and [ ].
    * FIX: Issue 110: Syntax highlighting doesn't work for indented codeblock.
    * FIX: Issue 115: Nested Perl syntax highlighting differs from regular
    * MISC: Many vimwiki commands were renamed from Vimwiki.*Word to
      Vimwiki.*Link. VimwikiGoHome is renamed to VimwikiIndex,
      VimwikiTabGoHome to VimwikiTabIndex.
    * MISC: vimwiki-option-gohome is removed.
  3. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 1.0

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
    * NEW: Issue 41: Table cell and column text objects. See `vimwiki-text-objects`.
    * NEW: Issue 42: Commands to move table columns left and right. See `:VimwikiTableMoveColumnLeft` and `:VimwikiTableMoveColumnRight`.
    * NEW: Issue 44: `<S-Tab>` should move cursor to the previous table cell.
    * NEW: Issue 45: It should be possible to indent tables. Indented tables are centered in html.
    * NEW: Issue 46: Do not htmlize some wiki pages (blacklist). New placeholder is added: `%nohtml`. See `vimwiki-nohtml`.
    * FIX: Issue 47: Lists aren't HTMLized properly.
    * FIX: Issue 48: With autochdir it is impossible to have path_html such as `d:\vimwiki\html\`
    * FIX: Issue 49: Table is not HTMLized properly at the end of wiki page.
    * FIX: Issue 50: Inline formatting is not performed in table cells.
    * FIX: Issue 51: Cannot insert '-' (minus) into table cells of the first column.
    * FIX: Issue 52: Table cell width is incorrect when double wide characters are used (ie. Chinese). Check `g:vimwiki_CJK_length`.
    * NEW: Issue 53: Wiki markup can not nested. (Use links and inline markup in Headers).
    * NEW: Issue 54: Highlight for placeholders.
    * NEW: Issue 56: Directory indexes. See `g:vimwiki_dir_link` option and `:VimwikiGenerateLinks` command.
    * NEW: Issue 58: Html new lines with `<br />`. Could be inserted with `<S-CR>` in insert mode.
    * FIX: Issue 59: List item's text can't be started from `*`.
    * NEW: Issue 60: Links inside completed gtd-items.
    * NEW: Issue 61: Headers numbering. See `g:vimwiki_html_header_numbering` and `g:vimwiki_html_header_numbering_sym` options.
    * FIX: Issue 63: Table cannot have leading empty cells in html.
    * FIX: Issue 65: Table separator is not htmlized right if on top of the table.
    * FIX: Issue 66: Table empty cells are very small in html.
    * FIX: Issue 67: Wrong html conversion of multilined list item with bold text on the start of next line.
    * FIX: Issue 68: auto-indent problem with langmap.
    * FIX: Issue 73: Link navigation by Tab. "Escaped" wiki-word should be skipped for navigation with `<tab>`.
    * FIX: Issue 75: `code` syntax doesn't display correctly in toc.
    * FIX: Issue 77: Diary index only showing link to today's diary entry file for extensions other than '.wiki'.
    * FIX: Issue 79: Further calendar.vim integration -- add sign to calendar date if it has corresponding diary page.
    * FIX: Issue 80: Debian Lenny GUI Vim 7.2 has problems with toggling inner todo list items.
    * FIX: Issue 81: Don't convert `WikiWord` as a link in html when `let g:vimwiki_camel_case = 0`
  4. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 0.9.9

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
    * NEW: Diary. Help in making daily notes. See ':h vimwiki-diary'. Now you
      can really easy add information into vimwiki that should be sorted out
    * NEW: Tables are redesigned. Syntax is changed. Now they are
      auto-formattable. You can navigate them with <tab> and <cr> in insert
      mode. See 'vimwiki-syntax-tables' and 'vimwiki-tables' for more details.
    * NEW: Keyword STARTED: is added.
    * NEW: Words TODO:, DONE:, STARTED:, XXX:, FIXME:, FIXED: are highlighed
      inside headers.
    * FIX: Export to html external links with 'file://' protocol. Ex:
      '[file:///home/user1/book.pdf my book]'.
    * FIX: Menu is corrupted if wiki's path contains spaces.
    * FIX: Settings 'wrap' and 'linebreak' are removed from ftplugin. Add them
      into your personal settings file '.vim/after/ftplugin/vimwiki.vim' if
    * NEW: Headers are highlighted in different colors by default.  See ':h
      g:vimwiki_hl_headers' to turn it off.
    * FIX: Issue 40: Links with russian subdirs don't work.
    * NEW: It is now possible to generate HTML files automatically on page
      save. See ':h vimwiki-option-auto_export'.
  5. @habamax @vim-scripts
  6. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 0.9.8

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
    * NEW: Rename g:vimwiki_fold_empty_lines to g:vimwiki_fold_trailing_empty_lines.
    * NEW: One can use - along with * to start unordered list item.
    * NEW: List items could be started from the first column.  As a result some
      limitations appeared:
        * a space after *, - or # for a list item is mandatory.
        * g:vimwiki_fold_trailing_empty_lines if set to 0 folds one trailing
          empty line.
    * NEW: Folding is off by default. Use g:vimwiki_folding to enable it.
    * NEW: Speed up vimwiki's folding a bit. Should lag a bit less in a long todo lists.
    * NEW: Centered headers. Start header with at least one space to make it html centered.
    * NEW: Change in default css: header's colors.
    * NEW: Vimwiki is aware of GetLatestVimScripts now.
    * FIX: Use <del> tag instead of custom <span class="strike"> in html.
    * FIX: There are no text styling in htmlized quoted text.
    * FIX: set default value of g:vimwiki_fold_lists to 0 as written in this help.
    * FIX: Issue 33: Folded list items have wrong indentation when 'tabs' are used.
    * FIX: Issue 34: vimwiki#subdir got wrong dir when VimwikiGet('path') is a
      symbolic link. Thanks lilydjwg for the patch.
    * FIX: Issue 28: todo-list auto-indent enhancement. New item should always be unchecked.
    * FIX: Issue 36: Change the name of the :Search command to :VimwikiSearch
      as it conflicts with MultipleSearch. Alias :VWS is also available.
    * NEW: You can generate 'Table of contents' of your wiki page. See :h vimwiki-toc for details.
  7. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 0.9.701

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
    * FIX: Issue 30: Highlighting doesn't work for checked list item.
  8. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 0.9.7

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
    * NEW: Default checkbox symbols are changed to [ ], [.], [o], [O], [X].
      You can change them using |g:vimwiki-listsyms| variable.
    * NEW: Color group names are renamed from wikiBold, wikiItalic, etc to
      VimwikiBold, VimwikiItalic, etc.
    * NEW: Open external links in a browser. There are default browsers
      defined in |g:vimwiki_browsers| list. You can also redefine
      |VimwikiWeblinkHandler| function to open weblinks in other programs.
    * NEW: Issue 25: Toggle the states of multiple TODO list items at a time
      (in VISUAL and in VISUAL LINE modes)
    * NEW: Issue 26: Highlight code snippets in vimwiki's pre. See
      |vimwiki-option-nested_syntaxes|. Thanks kriomant.
    * NEW: Issue 27: Automatic garbage deletion from html directory.
    * NEW: Save all open vimwiki buffers before export to html.
    * NEW: Issue 29: Custom :Search command.
    * NEW: Header text objects are now expandable in VISUAL mode. Tap 'vah' to
      select a header. Tap again 'ah' to expand selection further. Thanks
      Andy Wokula.
    * FIX: Folding settings are reset to vim defaults in a new tab (think of
      \wt) so you cannot hide things in folds.
    * FIX: https links in form of [] are not exported
      into html. Thanks Saurabh Sarpal for the patch.
  9. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 0.9.6

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
    * NEW: You can have multiline list items. See |vimwiki-syntax-lists|.
    * NEW: You can ignore newlines in multiline list items when do export to
      html. See |g:vimwiki_list_ignore_newline| option.
    * NEW: Different checkbox symbols [.], [:], [o] are added. See
    * NEW: Now there is no longer syntax of preformatted text that is started
      by a whitespace.
    * NEW: Blockquotes. See |vimwiki-syntax-blockquote|.
    * NEW: Per wiki folding option (vimwiki-option-folding) is removed. Global
      |g:vimwiki_folding| and |g:vimwiki_fold_lists| are added.
    * NEW: Due to being quite slow folding of list items is off by default.
      Use |g:vimwiki_fold_lists| to turn it on.
    * NEW: If you want replace some symbols in a wikifilename use
      |g:vimwiki_badsyms| option (Andreas Baldeau).
    * FIX: Command |:VimwikiToggleListItem| doesn't work for one of the two
      wikies opened at the same time with different syntaxes.
    * FIX: Command |:VimwikiToggleListItem| do not switch parent checkboxes if
      there are non-checkbox list items available.
    * FIX: Issue 24: Link error in html when write [[one.two.three]].
    * FIX: Rename WikiWord to something with a colon (:) does nasty things.
    * FIX: Command |:VimwikiToggleListItem| do not switch right if there are
      list items without checkboxes in the list.
  10. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 0.9.5

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
      * NEW: Added g:vimwiki_global_ext to control creation of temporary wikies in a dirs that are not listed in g:vimwiki_list.
      * NEW: Added g:vimwiki_hl_headers to highlight headers with different predefined colors.
      * NEW: Checked [x] items are not highlighted with Comment syntax group by default. Use g:vimwiki_hl_cb_checked to turn it on.
      * NEW: Added new syntax for links: [[link address][link description]].
      * NEW: Added <C-@> allias of <C-Space> mapping for *nix systems.
      * NEW: Added g:vimwiki_camel_case. Set it to 0 if you do not want CamelCased WikiWords to be linkified.
      * FIX: Links with g:viwmiki_stripsym (default '_') [[My_Link|Text]] are not highlighted when created.
      * FIX: indent/vimwiki.vim is obsolete. If you upgrade from previous versions remove it. It causes wrong list indentation if noexpandtab is set.
      * FIX: If tabs and spaces are used to indent list items html export gives error. Thanks Klaus Ethgen for report.
      * FIX: Some html export fixes.
  11. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 0.9.4

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
      * NEW: Links with directories: [[dir_name/Link|Text]]. Thanks Jie Wu.
      * NEW: Added %root_path% template variable to get relative root dir of path_html. See vimwiki-option-html_header.
      * FIX: Indent incorrect for vim without "float" compile option. Thanks Julian Kooij.
      * FIX: Convert to html doesn't work right with links like [[foo::bar]].
      * FIX: Rename wikiword doesn't work right when rename WikiWord to [[WikiWord blablabla]].
      * FIX: Renaming of links with description doesn't work.
      * FIX: Weblinks with commas are not highlighted.
      * MISC: Some changes in default css file.
  12. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 0.9.3

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
      * NEW: g:vimwiki_menu option is a string which is menu path. So one can use let g:vimwiki_menu = 'Plugin.Vimwiki' to set the menu to the right place.
      * NEW: g:vimwiki_fold_empty_lines -- don't or do fold in empty lines between headers. See :h g:vimwiki_fold_empty_lines
      * FIX: Encoding error when running vimwiki in Windows XP Japanese.  Thanks KarasAya.
  13. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 0.9.2c: * FIX: Regression bug. Export to HTML of `[[link|desc…

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
    …]]` is wrong.
  14. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 0.9.2b

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
    I was playing with python and vimball archives -- as a result CRLFs in a recent vba file. Anyway I hope those evil CRLFs in the past.
      * FIX: Installation on Linux doesn't work. (Dos line endings in Vimball archive file).
      * FIX: Clear out FlexWiki ftplugin's setup. Now you don't have to hack filetype.vim to get rid of unexpected ':setlocal bomb' from FlexWiki's ftplugin.
      * FIX: When write done: it will show another done: in html file.
  15. @habamax @vim-scripts
  16. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 0.9.2

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
      * NEW: Option 'folding' added to turn folding on/off.
      * NEW: Header text object. See :h vimwiki-text-objects.
      * NEW: Add/remove Header levels with '=' and '-'. See :h vimwiki_=.
      * NEW: Vimwiki GUI menu to select available wikies. See :h g:vimwiki_menu.
      * NEW: You can specify the name of your css file now. See :h vimwiki-option-css_name
      * NEW: You can add styles to image links, see :h vimwiki-syntax-links.
      * FIX: History doesn't work after :VimwikiRenameWord.
      * FIX: Some of wikipedia links are not correctly highlighted. Links with parentheses.
      * MISC: Renamed vimwiki_gtd to vimwiki_lst.
  17. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 0.9.1

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
      * [new] HTML Table cell text alignment, see :h vimwiki-syntax-tables.
      * [new] Wikipage history simplified. Each vimwiki buffer now holds b:vimwiki_prev_word which is list of [PrevWord, getpos()].
      * [new] If highlight for groups wikiHeader1..wikiHeader6 exist (defined in a colorscheme) -- use it. Otherwise use Title highlight for all Headers.
      * [fix] Warn only once if 'html_header' or 'html_footer' does not exist.
      * [fix] Wrong folding for the text after the last nested list item.
      * [fix] Bold and Italic aren't highlighted in tables without spaces between || and * or _. ||*bold*||_asdf_ || (Thanks Brett Stahlman)
  18. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 0.9

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
      * [new] You can add classes to 'pre' tag -- :h vimwiki-syntax-preformatted. This might be useful for coloring some programming code with external js tools like google syntax highlighter.
      * [new] !WikiPage is not highlighted. It is just a plain word WikiPage in HTML, without exclamation mark
      * [new] Definition lists, see :h vimwiki-syntax-lists.
      * [new] New implementation of :h VimwikiRenameWord. CAUTION: It was tested on 2 computers only, backup your wiki before use it. Email me if it doesn't work for you.
      * [new] HTML: convert [ ] to html checkboxes.
      * [new] Default CSS: gray out checked items.
      * [fix] Less than 3 characters are not highlighted in Bold and Italic.
      * [fix] Added vimwiki autocmd group to avoid clashes with user defined autocmds.
      * [fix] Pressing ESC while :h :VimwikiUISelect opens current wiki index file.  Should cancel wiki selection.
  19. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 0.8.3

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
      * [new] <C-Space> on a list item creates checkbox.
      * [fix] With * in the first column, <CR> shouldn't insert more * (default syntax).
      * [fix] With MediaWiki's ** [ ], <CR> should insert it on the next line.
      * [fix] HTML export should use 'fileencoding' instead of 'encoding'.
      * [fix] Code cleanup.
  20. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 0.8.2

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
      * [del] Removed google syntax file.
      * [new] Default vimwiki syntax is a subset of google's one. Header's has been changed from !Header to =Header=. It is easier to maintain only 2 syntaxes. See :h vimwiki-syntax-headers.
      * [new] Multiline paragraphs -- less longlines.
      * [new] Comments. See :h vimwiki-syntax-comments.
      * [del] Removed setlocal textwidth = 0 from ftplugin.
      * [fix] New regexps for bold, italic, bolditalic.
      * [fix] The last item in List sometimes fold-in incorrectly.
      * [fix] Minor tweaks on default css.
  21. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 0.8.1

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
      * [new] Vimwiki's foldmethod changed from syntax to expr. Foldtext is changed to be nicer with folded list items.
      * [new] Fold/outline list items.
      * [new] It is possible now to edit wiki files in arbitrary directories which is not in g:vimwiki_list's paths. New WikiWords are created in the path of the current WikiWord.
      * [new] User can remap Vimwiki's built in mappings.
      * [new] Added g:vimwiki_use_mouse. It is off by default.
      * [fix] Removed <C-h> mapping.
  22. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 0.8

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
    NOTE: g:vimwiki_home is obsolete now!!!
      * NEW Multiple wikies support. A lot of options have been changed, see :h vimwiki-options
      * NEW Auto create directories.
      * NEW Checked list item highlighted as comment.
      * FIX Multiple set ft=vimwiki for each buffer disabled. Vimwiki should load its buffers a bit faster now.
  23. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 0.7.1

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
    * NEW: <Plug>VimwikiToggleListItem added to be able to remap <C-Space> to anything user prefers more.
    * FIX: Toggleable list items do not work with MediaWiki markup.
    * FIX: Changing g:vimwiki_home_html to path with ~ while vimwiki is loaded gives errors for HTML export.
    * DEL: Command :VimwikiExploreHome.
  24. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 0.7

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
     * NEW: GTD stuff -- toggleable list items. See h: vimwiki-gtd.
     * FIX: Headers do not fold inner headers. (Thanks Brett Stahlman)
     * FIX: Remove last blank lines from preformatted text at the end of file (HTML).
     * DEL: Removed g:vimwiki_smartCR option.
  25. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 0.6.2

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
        * NEW: [[link|description]] is available now.
        * FIX: Barebone links (ie: get extra escaping of ? and friends so they become invalid in HTML.
        * FIX: In linux going to [[wiki with whitespaces]] and then pressing BS to go back to prev wikipage produce error. (Thanks Brendon Bensel for the fix)
        * FIX: Remove setlocal encoding and fileformat from vimwiki ftplugin.
        * FIX: Some tweaks on default style.css
  26. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 0.6.1

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
        * FIX: [blablabla bla] shouldn't be converted to a link.
        * FIX: Remove extra annoing empty strings from PRE tag made from
          whitespaces in HTML export.
        * FIX: Moved functions related to HTML converting to new autoload module
          to increase a bit vimwiki startup time.
  27. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 0.6

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
     * NEW: Header and footer templates. See g:vimwiki_html_header and g:vimwiki_html_footer in help.
     * FIX: :Vimwiki2HTML does not recognize ~ as part of a valid path.
  28. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 0.5.3

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
    * FIX: Fixed :VimwikiRenameWord. Error when g:vimwiki_home had whitespaces in path.
    * FIX: :VimwikiSplitWord and :VimwikiVSplitWord didn't work.
  29. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 0.5.2

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
        * NEW: Added :VimwikiGoHome, :VimwikiTabGoHome and :VimwikiExploreHome commands.
        * NEW: Added <Leader>wt mapping to open vimwiki index file in a new tab.
        * NEW: Added g:vimwiki_gohome option that controls how :VimwikiGoHome works when current buffer is changed. (Thanks Timur Zaripov)
        * FIX: Fixed :VimwikiRenameWord. Very bad behaviour when autochdir isn't set up.
        * FIX: Fixed commands :Wiki2HTML and :WikiAll2HTML to be available only for vimwiki buffers.
        * FIX: Renamed :Wiki2HTML and :WikiAll2HTML to :Vimwiki2HTML and :VimwikiAll2HTML commands.
        * FIX: Help file corrections.
  30. @habamax @vim-scripts

    Version 0.5.1

    habamax authored vim-scripts committed
      * [new] Help is created.
      * [new] Now you can fold headers.
      * [new] <Plug>VimwikiGoHome and <Plug>VimwikiExploreHome were added.
      * [fix] Bug with {{{HelloWikiWord}}} export to HTML is fixed.
      * [del] Sync option removed from: Syntax highlighting for preformatted text  {{{ }}}.
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