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A simple, clean, CSS-styled and modified theme that cleans up the cruft and brings TXP into the modern age.
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The current version packages jstubb's conversion work ( of Weightshift's Textpattern Moderne ( into a ready to install theme for Textpattern users, without having to overwrite the Classic theme.

How to Install:

1) Download the textpattern-moderne folder

2) Login to your server and navigate to the root folder of your Textpattern install resides, open the theme folder

3) Upload moderne to the theme folder

4) In Textpattern Admin, navigate to Preferences > Advanced

5) From the Admin-side theme preference, choose "moderne" and save the preferences

6) Navigate to another tab or refresh the page


Design by Naz Hamid, @weightshift Theme conversion by Jonathan Stubbs, @jonathanstubbs

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