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ASH - Application-aware SWANS with Highway Mobility

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The package contains the entire jist-swans-1.0.6 source tree, including changes for ASH, found in

  • jist-swans-1.0.6/src/jist/swans/field/
  • jist-swans-1.0.6/src/jist/swans/field/

Here we just distribute a source tarball in Releases. This is not under version control.

Note: The source code is delivered 'as-is', and we cannot offer any support. Code last updated April 2008.

Citation Request: If you use ASH in your work, please cite

Khaled Ibrahim and Michele C. Weigle, "ASH: Application-aware SWANS with Highway mobility," In Proceedings of IEEE INFOCOM Workshop on MObile Networking for Vehicular Environments (MOVE). Phoenix, AZ, April 2008.

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