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Tmix Internet Traffic Generator for the ns-2 Network Simulator

The basic idea behind Tmix is to generate realistic Internet traffic. In ns, we take connection vectors and generate TCP connections starting at the specified time and sending the specified amount of data. Each connection has an initiator (the node that starts the connection) and an acceptor (the node that accepts the connection). These are generally on opposite sides of the network from each other.

Tmix has been included in the standard codebase of ns-2 since [ns-2.34] ( (June 2009).

Tmix for one-way TCP has been included since [ns-2.35] ( (Nov 2011).

Validation Graphs and Examples - [Tmix in ns-2 Wiki] (

Documentation - Tmix in ns-2 Manual

Note: The source code is delivered 'as-is', and we cannot offer any support. Code last updated in 2012.

For more information on Tmix, see

For more information on ns-2, see the ns-2 Wiki

Citation Request: If you use this in your work, please cite

Weigle, M. C., Adurthi, P., Hernández-Campos, F., Jeffay, K., and Smith, F. D. Tmix: a tool for generating realistic TCP application workloads in ns-2. SIGCOMM Compututing Commununications Review 36, 3 (Jul. 2006), 65-76.

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