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#Tmix Internet Traffic Generator for the ns-3 Network Simulator#

Modules for including the Tmix Internet Traffic Generator in the ns-3 network simulator. This includes both Tmix and Delaybox.

Code is available in the Releases section for ns-3.14.1 and earlier. Code is available at for later versions. We have versions available for

Note: The source code is delivered 'as-is', and we cannot offer any support. Code last updated in 2012.

For more information on Tmix, see

For more information on ns-3, see

Citation Request: If you use this in your work, please cite

Weigle, M. C., Adurthi, P., Hernández-Campos, F., Jeffay, K., and Smith, F. D. Tmix: a tool for generating realistic TCP application workloads in ns-2. SIGCOMM Compututing Commununications Review 36, 3 (Jul. 2006), 65-76.

Outstanding Issues

There are several places in the code marked TODO or FIXME:

  • src/delaybox/model/
  • src/delaybox/model/delaybox.h
  • src/delaybox/model/
  • src/delaybox/model/tcp-flow-classifier.h
  • src/tmix/helper/
  • src/tmix/helper/tmix-helper.h
  • src/tmix/model/
  • src/tmix/model/
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