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SOS fixes for old bg2 Oct 18, 2018
.gitignore no message Mar 22, 2018 Update Mar 21, 2018
Setup-SOS.exe v1.14 Mar 12, 2018


*** SHADOWS OVER SOUBAR *** *** V1.14 (WeiDU v244) ***

Original version : Charles Bisson

WeiDU version 1.01 : Horred The Plague

WeiDU version 1.02 : Revision by King Diamond, logo screen by Yovaneth

WeiDU version 1.03 : Additions from the BP package, fixes and enhancements by Horred the Plague

WeiDU version 1.04 : Fixes and enhancements, by King Diamond

WeiDU version 1.05 : Fixes and enhancements, by King Diamond

WeiDU version 1.10 : Fixes, multilanguage support, by King Diamond

WeiDU version 1.11 : Worldmap v6, sounds, by King Diamond

WeiDU version 1.12 : fixes and enhancements, by King Diamond

WeiDU version 1.13 : WeiDU v206, fixes and enhancements, by King Diamond

WeiDU version 1.14 : EE&EET compatibility, by Weigo & Jastey

v1.13: Changes/fixes from v1.12

  1. Italian translation: Ilot in collaboration with Mother Anorexia, Hicarus87, Giuseppe, Bhoo the hero (one file)

v1.12: Changes/fixes from v1.11

  1. Silence's script updated (DisplayStringHead()'s). Now she starts her default pickpocketing only when the party is nearby.

  2. bAR1105.baf, bRIBALD.baf modified for a better performance.

  3. AR4286.baf restored (known undroppable items will be returned to their owners - for most NPCs). AR4361.baf - many Continue()'s added AR4330.baf - possible deadlock removed (necessary creatures couldn't be created and Hemp Rope couldn't be found) AR4219.baf - restored AR4240, AR4242, AR4244, AR4246, AR4251, AR4252, AR4253, AR4254, AR4255, AR4258, AR4259.BAF - spawning method optimized

  4. Continue() issue fix:

    • tAR1100.BAF divided into 2 parts for E_T and E_B
  5. rebelst's forum post fixes:

    • tNALIA.BAF: "Myself" should have no quotes

    • AR4370.BAF: CB300CO[1-2] should be CB4300CO[1-2]

    • CB421012.BAF: CBRJR003, CBRJR016, CBRJR02[2-5] don't exist, lines should be removed

    • CB4300CT.BAF: CB4300AR should be CBBANARC


    • CBBANED.BAF: Refers to DCLERIC, which doesn't have deathvar in BG2, CRE needs to be patched (that code commented - can't find any DCLERIC's relation to SoS content)

    • CBMAYOR2.BAF: Last line, CBSDSO06 should be CBSWDSOU (KD - CBRSSOUB is right dialogue)

    • CB351GD3.D: ARCHER_CALL_SHOT should be SPCL121

    • CBAMNLGS.D: CBAMNL0[1-4] should be CBAMNLG[1-4]

    • CBSHTHIF.D: CBRJR003 and CBRJR016 doesn't exist, lines should be removed

    • CBRRRRAT.CRE: deathvar should be set to CBRRRRAT

    • CB270CC[A-G].CRE: deathvars need to be set to CB270CC[a-g]

    • CBSBTVRB.CRE: deathvar needs to be set to CBSBTVRB


  7. Worldmap entries and links revised to introduce more reasonable travel times. Cross-link tables for CtB, TDD, RoT added.

    Now Worldmap v6 > is a mandatory component to access SoS areas in any configuration of mods.

  8. Spanish translation by SirLancelot's Team.

v1.11: Changes/fixes from v1.10

  1. Worldmap v6 > support.
  2. Re-mastered sounds.

v1.10: Changes/fixes from v105

  1. For all items - 'Unusable by ALL(no kit)' flag usage re-checked.
  2. AR0406.ARE - container protected with key requirement now.
  3. Several installation script optimizations.
  4. Compatibility with upcoming Region Of Terror, v2.0.
  5. GUI Switcher v2.0.
  6. Traified for multilanguage support.

v105: Changes/fixes from v104

  1. LONG_BOW/MAGE_ALL issue fixed. All scrips have MAGE_ALL check now.

  2. 0xE200 MBET CGAMEANIMATIONTYPE_BEETLE_COPPER animation is not used by mod, so its TP2 installation is removed; 0xEC20 MWI3 CGAMEANIMATIONTYPE_WIGHT3 animation is not used by mod, so its TP2 installation is removed (BAMs).

  3. CBBANDEAD.CRE - animation fixed: IC_LICHBLACK instead of IC_MYCONID2.

  4. Yeti animation is being installed into '0xE060 MLIC IC_LICH' slot (I hope we'll deal with NEJ later....and CtB). Corresponding creature files updated.

  5. Remorhaz animation moved to 0xE230 MBRH IC_BEETLE_RHINOCEROS slot. English version BGmain.exe patch added to reduce MBRH moving speed. //ATTENTION! That could be valid only for an ENGLISH version //for other version it's necessary to search for C6 42 06 0A 8B 85 9C FB FF FF C6 40 07 0A //and patch both 0A at found offsets with 6 : ------------^^----------------------------^^

  6. Missed soundscheme 2DAs for MBRH and MLIC slots added + all necessary WAVs.

  7. TS compatibility added (several dialogues).

  8. GUI installation is changed into a tricky thing that most ppl will be glad off... ;)

v104: Changes/fixes from v103

  1. INTERDIA.2DA patching removed completely because of none of the joinable NPCs have banter dialogues.

  2. AR4235 is not used: ARE, WED, TIS, MOS, BMPs. AR4361 is not used: ARE.

  3. Movie moved to a separate MVE folder/BIFF.

  4. Area AR4232 rebuilt: TIS, MOS, SR.BMP

  5. AR4340.WED, AR4340SR.BMP fixed.

  6. Unused spells (removed):

    CBCL001 - an exact copy of CBRJR008.SPL unused CBCL001B,C.BAM CBCL001.ITM reference changed to CBRJR008.SPL CBFENCE1 CBFENCE2 CBFENCE3 CBFENCE4 CBFENCE6 CBRJR18A CBRJR18B CBRJRVM spdynah-spvalyg - they are from BP package

  7. CBRJR008.SPL (Beltyn's Burning Blood) replaced by TDD's SPWI429.SPL; corresponding references updated (CBCL001.ITM, CBRJR008.ITM); SPELL.IDS patch implemented.

  8. SHGRASPS.SPL (Shocking Grasp) usage replaced by SPWI115.SPL (CBRJR015.ITM);

  9. FENCE kit fixed according to its description. Now ALL races are available for it.

  10. Unused store removed: CB361TPT.STO.

  11. Another Items' revision - many inconsistencies fixed (equipping effects, missed strings, icons); TOOLTIP.2DA patching added.

  12. Unused item CBUHGVCT.ITM removed.

  13. SELENCE NPC installation fixed: Fence kit ID is being set properly now.

  14. CBBRNOIL.SPL recreated - AR4370 proximity trigger script spell (CBBRNOIL.BAF - fixed).

  15. GUILSOP.BAM removed from the installation.

v103: Changes from v101

  1. Unused files removed. Download archive size reduced from 95.9M to 69M.

  2. All AREs revised with DLTCEP, their file structure rearranged and fixed. Many missed infotriggers and automap pointers text patching added, Beregost taverns ambients removed to reflect Soubar environments.

  3. Missed ambient sounds added (OGG3 directory); some missed scripts and BAMs reincluded.

  4. Solved all possible area compatibility issues. AR4300 -> AR4370 with all corresponding resources, script/dialogues links, TIS and WED fixed (there was a real MESS with it!)

  5. All ITMs revised; numerous bugs fixed: 0 weapon proficiences, invalid or absent icons/BAMs, wrong stats, incomplete descriptions; total upgarde of usability settings. Now all items match their descriptions. In a combination with BDash-WeiDU text fix all descriptions will be 99%-complete.

  6. STOres revised and many incorrect rumors dialogues links fixed, strings patches added.

  7. All dialogues revised: empty blocks removed, several invalid external references fixed. The whole bunch of dialogues is getting compiled by one COMPILE command now as it should be to produce valid crossreferences.

  8. Scripts revised: several missed patches for journal entries added.

  9. Patching of all BG2 original resources converted to "WeiDU-only" that makes it 100% compatible with any other mod around.

  10. Journal system revised and rearranged for a single .TRA using (both scripts and dialogues) to unify the journal strings for correct entries' adding/removing.

  11. Several BG1-side strings fixed because of many SoS creatures use them in their soundsets. Patch is taken from BGT-WeiDU.

  12. Great main screen logo for SoS taken from Yovaneth's fixpack as well as some fixes checked and implemented (except "G3 Identify All" one). For more info visit:

  13. Installation script (TP2 and BATs) optimized, some errors fixed (f.e. it biffed everything, including AR0072.tis that should remain in \override).

  14. Unused WAVs removed from ALORA, KIVAN and ELDOTH soundsets. The creatures that use them are not joinable NPCs, so they won't use any sound beside 01,03,07,11,17-19,38,39.

  15. Missed FLAMN and several other (for creatures soundsets) WAVs added.

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