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Learn algorithms and data structures with Rust
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Rust Algorithm Club

🚧 🚧 This repo is under construction. Most materials are written in Chinese. Check it out here if you are able to read Chinese.

Welcome to the Rust Algorithm Club! This repository was originally inspired by Swift Algorithm Club. All algorithms here would be explained and implemented in Rust programming language! You can find out more on the Rust Algorithm Club main site. Just pick up some algorithms you are interested in and start learning. If you are brave enough, we recommend you the auto-generated API documentation. Go and fight with the source code.

This project along with its source code are on GitHub and we are looking forward to your contributions.

Rust Edition Build Status Documentation

Important Links

General Concepts




Simple sorts:

Efficient sorts:

Hybrid sorts (more efficient):

Special-purpose sorts:


Data Structures

Stack and Queue

Linked List

Introduction to linked list

Associative Container

Introduction to associative container

Learning Resources

For learning more, you may check out following online resources:


All contributions are welcome, including typo fix! Please read the contrubuting guideline first before starting your work.



This project is released under different licenses based on type of the content.

Copyright © 2017 - 2018 Weihang Lo

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