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Frontend and contract code for smart red packets on the Ethereum blockchain
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This Ethereum smart contract is a time-locked trust fund marketed as smart red packet. The contract has been deployed to the Ropsten testnet and mainnet. You can interact with it using any MetaMask-enabled browser.


sudo apt install git python3 build-essential curl

Next, install Yarn using these instructions:

Web Frontend

The source code for the web frontend can be found in the web directory. It is a preact app and is served through a Django webserver.

To build the frontend and deploy it to Heroku, set up a Heroku app and create a git remote named heroku which points towards:<your Heroku app name>.git

(See this guide for more information:

Set the DJ_SECRET_KEY config variable in the Heroku app dashboard to a long and random string ( -> Name of the app ->Settings -> Config Variables). This will be used as the secret key in Django's

Then install build dependencies and run

sudo yarn global add gulp
cd web/app/frontend
yarn install
cd ../../..
./ <commit message> uses gulp to build and package the JS frontend, and then pushes the Django project to Heroku.

Smart Contract

Install the Truffle Framework:

sudo yarn global add truffle

Finally, install Ganache.

Clone the repository

git clone &&
cd caishen &&
yarn install

Run tests

Launch Ganache and run:

truffle test

You may encounter compilation errors if your Solidity compiler is newer than that which was originally used to build this contract:

CaiShen.sol:1:1: SyntaxError: Source file requires different compiler version (current compiler is 0.4.19+commit.c4cbbb05.Emscripten.clang - note that nightly builds are considered to be strictly less than the released version    
pragma solidity 0.4.18;                    
Compilation failed. See above. 

If you see this error, modify the contract code to use the latest version of Solidity.

It's a good idea to restart Ganache (Settings -> Restart) before each time you run truffle test.

Note that truffle test is not deterministic. If any tests fail, restart Ganache and run each failing test individually. For example:

truffle test test/test_give.js

One solution to this is to use ganache-cli instead, as it is much more stable than the GUI version.

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