Final Amiga Type Map Assembler, a keymap editor for Amiga keymaps
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#Fatma - The Final Amiga Type Map Assembler

Author: Wei-ju Wu
Version: 1.0
Creation Date: 8/21/2011
Licencse: General Public License (GPL) Version 3
Platform: Java (implemented in Scala)


Creating keymaps is a complex task. This tool was created because I wanted to use a Colemak layout on my Amiga machines, which I could find anywhere. Looking at existing methods to create keymaps, I decided to create a new keymap editor in order to learn and understand keymap design and Amiga operating concepts. Fatma is also an exercise in creating an effective user interface for a fairly complicated task.

-- Wei-ju Wu, August 26th 2011

Note for people who want to use the colemak1 keymap

Since github removed the file uploads feature, I put the colemak1 keymap in the source, under src/main/resources/keymaps.

To use it, copy said file into your DEVS:keymaps folder on your Amiga system.