hardware-independent openWRT-extension (using busybox-ash as main-language) for setting up and manage many, large wifi-mesh-networks for different locations including billing, captive portal / splash screen / weblogin, accounting, data retention and layer7-QoS
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kalua - build mesh-networks without pain

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The GebrannteMandeln branch is the current stable version that is running on most routers (1/2017). The master branch is bleeding edge at the moment and should work with LEDE.

how to get a release for a specific hardware

for building this firmware yourself please see our builder at https://github.com/weimarnetz/builder or use the new build code here: https://gitlab.bau-ha.us/weimarnetz/firmware

Bleeding Edge Images with LEDE and the current master branch can be found here: http://weimarnetz.segfault.gq/firmwares/

Cherry Picking Git commits from forked repositories

  • git fetch [repository url]
  • git cherry-pick -x [hash]
  • resolve conflicts, if any
    • git commit -ac [hash]
  • git push