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Want to discuss the project? Chat with weinholt in #scheme on Freenode or open an issue. There's also #akku and some discussion in #chez.

Go to GitHub projects to see the direction of the project and GitLab issues for a list of current trouble.

Setting up a development environment

Akku comes with its dependencies committed to the git repository, so you can do a checkout and a slight manual installation:

$ git clone
$ cd akku
$ source .akku/bin/activate
$ mkdir -p ~/.akku/share/keys.d
$ cp akku-archive-*.gpg ~/.akku/share/keys.d
$ bin/akku.sps update
$ bin/akku.sps install

Note that this probably will not work on a Windows machine, because some filenames contain colon (:) characters. This is a problem caused by SRFI libraries being named (srfi :n name) in combination with Chez Scheme's simple translation of these to filenames. For now please use the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Building a release

Releasing currently requires Chez Scheme and a working development environment (see above). Run private/build.chezscheme.sps and hopefully it will generate a binary and a source release tarball.

Submitting patches

Fork the project on GitHub or GitLab. Please consider using git commit -s when you create patches, to get an automatic sign-off in the commit message. Please write explanatory commit messages. When you feel comfortable with your commits, submit a pull request through GitHub, a merge request through GitLab or format a patch and email it. For larger changes it will be better to discuss the changes ahead of time, either through an issue or IRC.

The Developer Certificate of Origin is included here by reference, please have a look and see if you can abide by it.