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r6lint is an R6RS syntax and style checker.

It is currently somewhat rudimentary and at a PoC level. It shows the location of lexical errors and most of the time the location of syntactical errors (all invalid Scheme forms, as determined by psyntax). There are some style checks for issues like hanging braces, but it doesn't know yet about all exceptions to the rules. Finally it also prints the location of unused variables, which can commonly indicate bugs.


Set your Scheme library path (e.g. CHEZSCHEMELIBDIRS) to include the directory where r6lint is checked out (i.e r6lint/..). To get a better experience you can compile the linter's libraries. With Chez Scheme this can be done with scheme --compile-imported-libraries --program bin/r6lint.

Support for more Schemes will be forthcoming. They just need an (r6lint psyntax compat) library.

Usage with emacs

First install Flycheck. Then install flycheck-r6lint with:

emacs --batch -l package -f package-initialize --eval '(package-install-file "flycheck-r6lint.el")'

Add this to your ~/.emacs file:

(eval-after-load 'flycheck '(flycheck-r6lint-setup))

Enable flycheck with M-x global-flycheck-mode RET. The r6lint program is probably not in the path so you'll also need to do M-x customize-variable RET flycheck-r6lint-executable RET. Open a Scheme source file and use M-x flycheck-verify-checker RET r6lint RET to see why it's not working.

Create the file .r6lintrc in your home or project directory. This file contains an alist with configuration items. This is one way to set it up, assuming you keep Scheme projects under ~/code/<project> and the library names start with <project>:

cat > $HOME/.r6lintrc << EOF
((library-path . ("$HOME/code")))