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Watch It Later

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Watch It Later is a native Apple TV app for watching YouTube and Vimeo videos saved to your Instapaper account.


  • HD playback of YouTube and Vimeo videos saved on Instapaper
  • Archiving videos in app


Open Source

Watch It Later is open source and licenced under the MIT licence.

Download in App Store


How to build

  1. Enter your Instapaper OAuth consumer key and secret in App\Supporting Files\InstapaperConfiguration.defaults.plist.
  2. Rename InstapaperConfiguration.defaults.plist to InstapaperConfiguration.plist.
  3. Install cocoapods, you can use RubyGems: gem install cocoapods.
  4. Install pods, in the project root folder, run pod install.
  5. Open the workspace file (WatchItLater.xcworkspace) in Xcode 8 or later, and build.


Watch It Later is an open source project by Weiran Zhang licensed under the MIT license.