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A minimalist weblog application that maps urls to your Dropbox folder.


  • Easy to setup. Urls are maped directly to a subfolder inside your dropbox folder. See the Setup section.
  • Easy to update. Just edit files in your local dropbox folder, changes will be automatically synchronized. No need to login to remote server anymore. Perfect for websites like personal websites and course home pages which are static files centric yet need to be updated from time to time.
  • Easy to extend. Besides static files, it is also easy to add dynamic content. Read server.js for an example of using hogan.js to render dynamic content.


All you need are a server that can run Node.js and a dropbox account.

  1. Download server.js and package.json to you server. Then run

    npm install && sudo node server.js

  2. Visit . It will prompt you to connect to you dropbox account.

  3. Create index.html and other html/css/js files in /your_dropbox_folder/Apps/weblog-box/