Prime a mongoose model with default data.
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prime a mongoose model with data


// mongoose is connection and `users` is already registered
var mp = require('mongoose-prime')
  , users = mongoose.model('users')
  , data = require('./data/users')

mp(users, data, function(err, results) {
    Object.keys(results).forEach(function(key) {
        console.log(results[key] + " user " + key);


mp(model, data, [validate], [callback])

  • model - reference to the mongoose model
  • data - an object or array of objects
  • validate - optional boolean to disable schema validation (default: null)
  • callback - optional function(err, results) {}

callback receives a results object of with three numbers: added, failed, skipped and a records array, containing the inserted records.

validate indicates whether schema validation should occur before inserting. For example, object reference validators which ensure the referenced document exists may prevent data from being loaded (i.e. cylical dependencies). To prevent this, invoke with the value of false to temporarily suspend the validators. After loading the data, the schema validation will be set to it's previous value. If no value is specified, mongoose-prime will not modify the model's validation settings. (cf. #validateBeforeSave)


mongoose-prime plays nicely with mongoose-deleted.