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List, remove or store fingerprinting track ids in your music files
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This tool is meant as a helper script to MusicBrainz Picard [1] or Acoustid
Fingerprinter [2]. When using these programs to submit new fingerprints, they
generally can't return and store a track id into the file tags, since they have
to be generated first (which usually takes up to one hour). With this script it
is possible to easily do this later. Also supports MusicDNS PUID.



* List all existing fingerprint track ids in your music files:
  fingerprint-store -l -R audio/
* Calculate, lookup and store fingerprints of files which don't have one:
  fingerprint-store -w *.mp3
* Remove all stored MusicDNS PUIDs:
  fingerprint-store -t m -r *.mp3

Use --help for more options


* python >= 2.6
* mutagen >= 1.21
* pyacoustid
* pyofa/python-musicdns (optional)
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