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<!-- Copy and rename to phpunit.xml. Customize as needed. -->
<phpunit backupGlobals="false"
<!-- These variables may alternatively be set as bash environment variables. -->
<!--DB User must have create/drop permissions-->
<!-- For now, you must create this database yourself before running tests. -->
<!-- <var name="UPAL_DB_URL" value="mysql://root:@"/> -->
<!-- URL for the to-be-tested Drupal. Defaults to http://upal -->
<!-- The url *must* end in upal -->
<!-- <var name="UPAL_WEB_URL" value=""/> -->
<!--Hard code a fileystem path to the to-be-tested Drupal. Defaults to cwd.-->
<!--<var name="UPAL_ROOT" value="/Users/mw/htd/drupal"/>-->
<!--User must have write permissions to this directory.-->
<!--If not supplied, defaults to sys_get_tmp_dir().-->
<!-- <var name="UPAL_TMP" value="/tmp"/> -->
<!--Uncomment the line below if your path to drush differs from `which drush`. Use absolute path.-->
<!--You currently need 'master' branch of drush after 2011.07.21. Drush 4.6 will be OK ->
<!--<var name="UNISH_DRUSH" value="/Users/mw/bin/drush"/>-->
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