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BOIDICLES is a Kinect-Based Boid Simulation and Drawing Tool. It is an tool that help user explore a basic bond system and create interesting visual effects. It allows user to both see have Boid System interact by using both left and right hands to control the boids. There are options to change the style of bold from triangle, circles, diamond, and other trails based styles. User can also turn the behavior on and off (Alignment, Cohesion, Separation).


Window 8 or higher is require in order to run the project with Kinect. In addition, the user must run the tool on Anaconda with 32-bit Python.

User must download the following libraries and softwares:

  1. pykinect2
  2. pygame
  3. ctype
  4. Kinect SDK
  5. random
  6. math
  7. copy
  8. colorsys
  9. sys


The control of system is pretty basic and intuitive. The user can use both left and right to move and browse different options. The user will make a fist for about 10 seconds in order select the options and change behavior in the application.