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Parses and compiles ASS subtitle format to easy-to-use data structure
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Parses and compiles ASS subtitle format to easy-to-use data structure.

Online Viewer


npm install ass-compiler


import { parse, compile } from 'ass-compiler';
compile(text, options);


  // A Style named `Default` will be automatic generated by options.defaultStyle
  // if it is not exists in `[V4+ Style]` section.
  defaultStyle: {
    Name: 'Default',
    Fontname: 'Arial',
    Fontsize: '20',
    PrimaryColour: '&H00FFFFFF&',
    SecondaryColour: '&H000000FF&',
    OutlineColour: '&H00000000&',
    BackColour: '&H00000000&',
    Bold: '0',
    Italic: '0',
    Underline: '0',
    StrikeOut: '0',
    ScaleX: '100',
    ScaleY: '100',
    Spacing: '0',
    Angle: '0',
    BorderStyle: '1',
    Outline: '2',
    Shadow: '2',
    Alignment: '2',
    MarginL: '10',
    MarginR: '10',
    MarginV: '10',
    Encoding: '1',

For details of data structure, please use the online viewer.

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