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The OpenITG Project Code - an open-source rhythm dancing game based on StepMania 3.95
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OpenITG - an open-source rhythm dancing game which is a fork of StepMania 3.95
with the goal of adding arcade-like ITG-style behavior and serving as a drop-in
replacement for the ITG binary on arcade cabinents.

Project homepage:
Project bug tracker:
Project IRC channel: #openitg on
Project source code:


1. Getting Started Guide - build and development
2. streamline build and release process - works out of box for arcade and home
3. test / bugfix beta-3 (currently master branch)
4. self-contained cache-rebuilding solution
5. OpenGL Driver uses fix function pipeline rather than shader

1. Kernel source with ITG patches to rebuild kernels (talk to us, should live in a separate repo)
2. StepMania 4.0 LUA Bindings
3. StepMania 4.0 Theme metrics

* How to check-out the source

git clone git://

* How to contribute

1. Create an account at
2. Goto
3. Click "fork"
4. git clone<username>/openitg.git
5. Edit files...
6. git add <filename> for every file you add or edit
7. git commit # now your change is committed locally
8. git push # now your change is pushed to your github
9. From<username>/openitg, click "pull request".  Base branch is the
branch you want to put your changes on, and head branch is the branch you made
your changes to already.
10. Write a short description of your change.  Be sure to include the goal, any
bugs fixed, features added, etc, and any credit you wish to have.  Click "send
pull request".

* How to build for arcade

1. Choose a location for your chroot:  MY_CHROOT=/home/cmyers/chroot
2. Install debootstrap and chroot (on debian/ubuntu, apt-get install chroot debootstrap)
3. Set up chroot, from root dir of source, as the root user, run: ./ `pwd` $MY_CHROOT
4. cd /root/openitg-dev/ && ./

NOTE: the chroot will be created in the location you choose for MY_CHROOT.  This
will build an entire Debian Sarge Linux system (the same OS used by arcade
machines).  This will take approximately 350MB.  A full clone of the repo is
about 300MB after you build all artifacts, so expect to have at least 650MB of
free space to work with.

* How to build for home on 32-bit linux:

TODO: No chroot necessary, need script to install dependencies on various

* How to build for home on 64-bit linux:
TODO: Similar process to arcade, but create 32-bit chroot of modern debian

* How to build for home on windows:
TODO: Need someone to describe how to build in Visual Studio and produce

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