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We.js github plugin

We.js plugin to connect and consume github data with Github API


we i we-plugin-github

Has support:

  • Authentication (Basic, Token, oAuth2)
  • add one authenticated instance of github npm module in we.github

How to Setup (developer)

after install npm and node.js

// clone this project
git clone https://github.com/wejs/we-plugin-github.git
// enter in cloned folder
cd we-plugin-github
// install all dependencies
npm install
// test
npm test

// link
npm link
// enter in your project
cd [project folder]
// then link it in your project 
npm link we-plugin-github

add this config in you config/locals.js file and set the authentication configs

  // ...
  github: {
    debug: true, // enable logs
    authentication: {
      //  // Example authentication configs
      //  //via token (Personal access token)
      //  type: 'token',
      //  token: '<token>'
      //  // via username and password (do not recommend)
      //  type: 'basic',
      //  username: '<USERNAME>',
      //  password: '<PASSWORD>'
      //  //via oauth2
      //  type: 'oauth',
      //  token: '<TOKEN>'
    expireDate: (60 * 60 * 60) // an hour
  // ...

Copyright and license

Copyright 2013-2016 Leonan Luppi leonan.luppi@gmail.com and contributors , under the MIT license.