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Frontend Browser No Javascript

Lauri Ojansivu edited this page Dec 4, 2019 · 12 revisions

Target audience

  • Corporate environments where Javascript can not be used. There are also Javascript based Rowhammer code that can be used to break security.
  • FLOSS advocates that have Javascript disabled.



  • only HTML and CSS. From browser I did save Wekan lists of boards webpage, removed all about 1.8 MB of javascript, and using only HTML/CSS the list of boards is visible just fine, and looks the same as it currently does.
  • Some functionality could be different, because there is no Javascript.


  • If drag-drop is not possible without Javascript, Copy and Move is done with checkboxes and submit buttons that do http post request:
Select all source and destionation lists, cards, or lists at other boards
[Copy] [Move] [Copy Checklist Template to Many Cards]

Optional Destination Settings:
Dropdowns: [_][Lists at board1] [_][Lists at board2] etc.
Card Position dropdown: [First/Last/Above/Below]
List Position dropdown: [Leftmost/Left/Right/Rightmost]

Board name here

List 1 [_] ()-> [_] ->()
Card1  [_] ()-> [_] ->()
Card2  [_] ()-> [_] ->()


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