Docker: Wekan <=> MongoDB
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Docker: Wekan <=> MongoDB


Screenshot of Wekan


  1. Install docker-compose.

  2. Clone this repo.

git clone
cd wekan-mongodb

3a) Detached mode:

docker-compose up -d

3b) Running attached to console, so Ctrl-c stops it:

docker-compose up
  1. Wekan is at http://localhost (port 80)

  2. MongoDB is at

  3. Wekan and databases bind to address so could be also available to other computers in network. I have not tested this.

  4. Restore your MongoDB data.

Backup before upgrading

Backup all data from MongoDB

Upgrading Wekan

  1. In wekan-mongodb directory, stop Wekan:
docker-compose stop
  1. Check what is CONTAINER ID of wekanteam/wekan:latest container. Then remove container.
docker ps
  1. Check Docker images, what is IMAGE ID of, and remove image:
docker images
docker rmi IMAGE-ID-HERE
  1. If you have made backups of MongoDB container to outside of Docker, and want to upgrade MongoDB, you could also delete MongoDB container and image.

  2. Start Wekan again in background:

docker-compose up -d
  1. You can also check container logs:
docker ps
docker logs CONTAINER-ID-OF-Wekan-or-MongoDB-HERE
  1. Restore MongoDB data if needed.


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