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List what snaps you have installed. Core is part of snap itself.

sudo snap list

List what snap services are running:

sudo snap services

Uninstall Wekan snap and delete all Wekan data. If you have other snaps installed, you can remove them too. Don't remove core, it's part of snap itself.

sudo snap stop wekan

sudo snap disable wekan

sudo snap remove wekan

OPTIONAL ALTERNATIVE WAY, NOT REQUIRED: Disable some services of wekan using systemd:

sudo systemctl stop snap.wekan.wekan

sudo systemctl stop snap.wekan.mongodb

sudo systemctl stop snap.wekan.caddy

sudo systemctl disable snap.wekan.wekan

sudo systemctl disable snap.wekan.mongodb

sudo systemctl disable snap.wekan.caddy

Uninstall snap at CentOS:

sudo systemctl disable --now snapd.socket

sudo yum copr disable ngompa/snapcore-el7

sudo yum remove yum-plugin-copr snapd

Uninstall snap at Debian/Ubuntu/Mint:

sudo systemctl stop snapd

sudo systemctl disable snapd

sudo apt --purge remove snapd

Uninstall snap at Ubuntu 14.04:

sudo service snapd stop

sudo update-rc.d -f snapd remove

sudo apt-get --purge remove snapd
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