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Security is very important to us. If you discover any issue regarding security, please disclose the information responsibly by sending an email to support (at) using this PGP public key and not by creating a GitHub issue. We will respond swiftly to fix verifiable security issues.

We thank you with a place at our hall of fame page, that is at

How should reports be formatted?

Name: %name
Twitter: %twitter
Bug type: %bugtype
Domain: %domain
Severity: %severity
URL: %url
PoC: %poc
CVSS (optional): %cvss
CWSS (optional): %cwss

Who can participate in the program

Anyone who reports a unique security issue in scope and does not disclose it to a third party before we have patched and updated may be upon their approval added to the Wekan Hall of Fame.

Which domains are in scope?

No public domains, because all those are donated to Wekan Open Source project, and we don't have any permissions to do security scans on those donated servers

Please don't perform research that could impact other users. Secondly, please keep the reports short and succinct. If we fail to understand the logics of your bug, we will tell you.

You can Install Wekan to your own computer and scan it's vulnerabilities there.

About Wekan versions

There are only 2 versions of Wekan: Standalone Wekan, and Sandstorm Wekan.

Standalone Wekan Security

Standalone Wekan includes all non-Sandstorm platforms. Some Standalone Wekan platforms like Snap and Docker have their own specific sandboxing etc features.

Standalone Wekan by default does not load any files from Internet, like fonts, CSS, etc. This also means all Standalone Wekan functionality works in offline local networks. Wekan is used by companies that have thousands of users and at healthcare.

Wekan uses xss package for input fields like cards, as you can see from package.json. Other used versions can be seen from Meteor versions file. Forms can include markdown links, html, image tags etc like you see at . It's possible to add attachments to cards, and markdown/html links to files.

Wekan attachments are not accessible without logging in. Import from Trello works by copying Trello export JSON to Wekan Trello import page, and in Trello JSON file there is direct links to all publicly accessible Trello attachment files, that Standalone Wekan downloads directly to Wekan MongoDB database in CollectionFS format. When Wekan board is exported in Wekan JSON format, all board attachments are included in Wekan JSON file as base64 encoded text. That Wekan JSON format file can be imported to Sandstorm Wekan with all the attachments, when we get latest Wekan version working on Sandstorm, only couple of bugs are left before that. In Sandstorm it's not possible yet to import from Trello with attachments, because Wekan does not implement Sandstorm-compatible access to outside of Wekan grain.

Standalone Wekan only has password auth currently, there is work in progress to add oauth2, Openid, LDAP etc. If you need more login security for Standalone Wekan now, it's possible add additional Google Auth proxybouncer in front of password auth, and then use Google Authenticator for Google Auth. Standalone Wekan does have brute force protection with eluck:accounts-lockout and browser-policy clickjacking protection. You can also optionally use some WAF like for example AWS WAF.

All Wekan Platforms

Sandstorm Wekan Security

On Sandstorm platform using environment variable Standalone Wekan features like Admin Panel etc are turned off, because Sandstorm platform provides SSO for all apps running on Sandstorm.

Sandstorm is separate Open Source platform that has been security audited and found bugs fixed. Sandstorm also has passwordless login, LDAP, SAML, Google etc auth options already. At Sandstorm code is read-only and signed by app maintainers, only grain content can be modified. Wekan at Sandstorm runs in sandboxed grain, it does not have access elsewhere without user-visible PowerBox request or opening randomly-generated API key URL. Also read Sandstorm Security Practices and Sandstorm Security non-events. For Sandstorm specific security issues you can contact kentonv by email.

What Wekan bugs are eligible?

Any typical web security bugs. If any of the previously mentioned is somehow problematic and a security issue, we'd like to know about it, and also how to fix it:

  • Cross-site Scripting
  • Open redirect
  • Cross-site request forgery
  • File inclusion
  • Authentication bypass
  • Server-side code execution

What Wekan bugs are NOT eligible?

Typical already known or "no impact" bugs such as:

  • Brute force password guessign. Currently there is brute force protection with eluck:accounts-lockout.
  • Security issues related to that Wekan uses Meteor related packages, and upgrading to newer Meteor 1.6.1 is complicated process that requires lots of changes to many dependency packages. Upgrading has been tried many times, spending a lot of time but there still is issues. Helping with package upgrades is very welcome.
  • Wekan API old tokens not replaced correctly
  • Missing Cookie flags on non-session cookies or 3rd party cookies
  • Logout CSRF
  • Social engineering
  • Denial of service
  • SSL BEAST/CRIME/etc. Wekan does not have SSL built-in, it uses Caddy/Nginx/Apache etc at front. Integrated Caddy support is updated often.
  • Email spoofing, SPF, DMARC & DKIM. Wekan does not include email server.

Wekan is Open Source with MIT license, and free to use also for commercial use. We welcome all fixes to improve security by email to security (at) .

Bonus Points

If your Responsible Security Disclosure includes code for fixing security issue, you get bonus points, as seen on Hall of Fame.