Wekan Roadmap

Updated Jan 11, 2019

8 General Info

16 In progress: by xet7, all paid and not paid Open Source Wekan work and all unrelated work. Order: from top to bottom of cards.

14 In Progress: By hupptechnologies

1 In Progress: By RL

3 In Progress: by saurabharch

1 In Progress: by Akuket

13 In Progress: by Angtrim

6 Maybe In Progress: L. Status: Unknown.

1 In Progress: by zia

2 In Progress: by superlou

0 In progress: by GhassenRjab, bounties

46 Done

1 Info

2 GitHub Projects vs Wekan

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Wekan Roadmap #2

Updated Jan 11, 2019

Testing functionality of GitHub Projects vs GitHub Wiki vs Wekan board. Sometime Roadmap moves back to Wekan board.


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