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Style guide

We follow the meteor style guide.

Please read the meteor style guide before making any significant contribution.

Tips for new developers

Getting Started

Pull Request Workflow (Please read before submitting PR's)

  • When doing pull requests, only add additions and changes to English at wekan/i18n/en.i18n.json . Other translations are done at
  • If you have fix to some existing pull request, add your fix as comment. Do not post new pull request.
  • For new features add new pull request, if there is none already.
  • Use the feature branch workflow.
    • create a PR from your feature-branch to wekan/devel directly so that you can continue your work without interruption.
  • Keep your local forks updated with this repo by setting your git upstream value as described here.
    • before submitting a PR make sure you rebase your local branch as described here
    • If you accidentally mess around on your devel branch, follow these steps here to clean it up.

Preventing Travis CI lint errors before submitting pull requests

  • NOTE: Travis is currently broken and always shows warnings and errors like variables not defined or not used, so if your code works, ignore Travis.
  • Eslint for linting. To prevent Travis CI lint errors, you can test for lint errors by installing npm install eslint and running it with npm run lint and trying automatic fixing with eslint --fix filename.js
  • There is also probably not-currently-working as of 2018-05-05 jsbeautifer website with settings Indent with 2 spaces (topmost dropdown), [X] Space before conditional: "if(x)" / "if (x)", [X] Use JSLint-happy formatting tweaks.

Choosing issues to work on

  • You are free to select what feature to work on.
    • Leave a comment on an issue saying that you're working on it, and give updates as needed.
    • Work and concentrate on one issue at a time and finish it, before moving to other issue.
  • Keep list of your contributions on your personal website.
  • Keep track of time it takes to implement each part of a feature, so you can estimate what time it would take to implement similar feature. After implementing feature, review your estimate was it correct, make improvements to your process and estimates, also keeping enough time allocated in estimate if something is harder to implement. Employers look for coders with proven track record.
  • You can ask for comments from others, but usually those feature requests are clearly defined how they should work. You can place those Settings options there where it seems most logical for you.

Main point is to be friendly to those commenting of your code, and incorporate those suggestions that make most sense.

Build Pipeline

  • Templates are written in JADE instead of plain HTML. Also see HTML to JADE converter.
  • CSS is written in the Stylus precompiler - see Stylus to CSS converter, and
  • Meteor templates are created as BlazeLayout templates.
  • Instead of the allow/deny paradigm a lot of the collections defined in the project use mutations to define what kinds of operations are allowed.

For further details look for the 'feature summaries' in the Wiki (still in progress) otherwise go through the git history and see how old features were built. Might I suggest the Start and Due date feature wefork#26


If adding new features, please also support the internationalization features built in. Refer to the Translations wiki page.

Export From Trello

It's possible to import your existing boards from Trello. Instructions here

Directory Structure Details

Directory Structure


Wekan chat



Support priorities for new features and bugfixes

  1. Commercial Support and Bounties
  2. Community Support
  3. Debugging





Logs and Stats






REST API issue

REST API client code


Case Studies


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